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Anon, (2007) 'Land at Upsland, near Sutton Howgrave, Cultural Heritage Statement'.
Towle, A (2007) 'Spekelands, Edgehill, Liverpool; Archaeological Report'.
Malim, T (2007) 'Waterlogged Archaeological Deposits, Nantwich, Cheshire; Desktop study of archaeological and borehole investigations'.
Nash, G (2007) 'Nos 59-60 Tower Street, Dudley, West Midlands'.
Towle, A (2007) 'Wildmoor Quarry'.
Towle, A (2007) 'Spekelands, Edgehill, Liverpool. Archaeological Report'.
Nash, G (2007) 'The Titterstone Clee Hill Radar Station, Watching Brief Report'.
Anon, (2008) 'Marfield Quarry Southern Extension, North Yorkshire. Phase 1 Archaeological Site Investigations'.
Damian, H (2009) 'Englsih Martyrs Primary School York: Watching Brief Report on Geotechnical Trial Pits'.
Malim, T (2009) 'Nantwich Waterlogged Deposits Report No 2. The Character and Extent of Archaeological Preservation'.
Hind, D (2009) 'English Martyrs School, Hamilton Drive, York: Archaeological Risk Appraisal'.
Hayes, L (2009) 'Iftonrhyn Colliery: Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Malim, T (2009) '21 - 27 Humes Avenue, Ealing W7 2LJ; Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Anon, (2010) 'Marfield Quarry Southern Extension. Phase 1 Archaeological Site Investigation Interim Report.'.
Towle, A (2010) 'Castle View School, Sunderland. Report on Archaeological Mitigation Works'.
Hayes, L (2010) 'Edgbaston House, Walker Street, Telford, Shropshire, Archaeological Site Investigation'.
Anon, (2010) 'Marfield Quarry Southern Extension. Phase 2 Archaeological Site Investigation.'. Report 403-00164-00083
Hayes, L (2010) 'Fernhill Heath Worcestershire: Archaeological Evaluation Report'. 403.0404.00029
Malim, T (2011) 'Penrith Proposed Filling Station; Archaeological Desk Based Assessment'.
Malim, T (2011) 'Queen's Head Marina, Oswestry, Shropshire, Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'.
Hayes, L (2011) 'Wm Morrison Supermarkets, Ripon. Archaeological Desk Based Assessment'. Report 410.01490.00008
Hayes, L (2012) 'Premier Inn Shrewsbury'.
Malim, T (2012) 'Ludlow Touring Park, Overton Road, Richard's Castle, Shropshire Archaeological Site Investigations'.
Malim, T (2012) 'St Chads Church, Montford, Shropshire:Repair to Churchyard Wall, Archaeological Monitoring'.
Malim, T Nash, G (2012) 'The Butter Cross, Market Place, Newport, Shropshire, Archaeological Investigation'.

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