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Results for Stratascan Ltd

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"Stratascan Ltd is a geophysical survey contracting company centrally based within the UK close to the attractive riverside town of Upton-upon-Severn in South Worcestershire. This allows easy access to all areas of England and Wales via the motorway network. The company operates from a converted barn set within a vineyard. This forms an attractive setting for the collation and interpretation of all the data gathered in the field.

Amongst the techniques we offer is the capability to collect around 15ha of magnetic survey data per day. Our multi-frequency, multi-channel radar system allows high density data sweeps to be gathered. This is primarily for use in underground utility mapping and engineering applications, and can also be used for archaeology.

Since our establishment in 1990 we have built a reputation as one of the leaders in shallow geophysics with applications in archaeological prospection, engineering and environmental assessments of green and brown field sites, underground utility mapping and forensic investigations.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff has been drawn together from archaeological, engineering and geological backgrounds to form a team of specialists that can respond to the diverse requirements of site investigation."


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Records 1 - 25 of 299

PDF   (3MB) Anon (1995)'A Report for St Albans Museums on a Geophysical Survey carried out on M1 Field Evaluation J8-9'.
PDF   (4MB) Barker, P and Mercer, E (1999)'A Geophysical Survey carried out at Elstow Storage Depot Bedfordshire'.
PDF   (26MB) Anon (2001)'Geophysical Survey: Norton Bottoms Quarry, Stapleford, Lincolnshire'.
[Multiple files available] Heard, H. (2004)'Kit's Coty Farm, Kent'. 1903
[Multiple files available] Sabin, D. (2004)'St John the Baptist Church, Ashbrittle, Somerset'. J1861
[Multiple files available] Donaldson, K. (2004)'North Killingholme, Grimsby, Lincolnshire'. J1874
[Multiple files available] Elks, D. (2004)'Caludon Castle School, Coventry'. J1883
[Multiple files available] Donaldson, K. (2004)'Middleton and Oakgrove, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire'. 1895
[Multiple files available] Donaldson, K. (2004)'Soundborough Farm, Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire'. 1928
[Multiple files available] Sabin, D. (2004)'Colchester Visual Arts Facility'. J1893
[Multiple files available] Heard, H. (2004)'Ashby Parva - Northern Area'. 1917
[Multiple files available] Heard, H. (2004)'Staverton Marina, Wiltshire'. 1905
[Multiple files available] Elks, D. (2004)'St Mary's Churchyard, Bromley by Bow'. J1880
[Multiple files available] Donaldson, K. T. (2004)'A24 Horsham to Capel, West Sussex, Surrey'. J1834
[Multiple files available] Heard, H. (2004)'Roodee, Chester'. 1923
[Multiple files available] Donaldson, K. (2004)'Triangle Site, South Marston, Swindon'. 1934
[Multiple files available] Donaldson, K. and Brown, L. (2004)'Wellington Road, Raunds, Northamptonshire'. 1926
[Multiple files available] Elks, D. (2004)'Buckfast Abbey'. J1860
[Multiple files available] David Sabin (2004)'Cockshoot Farm, Wichenford, Worcestershire'. J1920
[Multiple files available] Donaldson, K. (2004)'Whippingham, Isle of Wight'. 1942
[Multiple files available] Smalley, R. (2005)'Geophysical Survey Report, Harrowby - Aswarby Pipeline, Lincolnshire'.
PDF   (6MB) Carpenter, A. (2005)'Torre Abbey, Torquay'.
[Multiple files available] Heard, H (2005)'Geophysical Survey Report, Buckley’s Field, Middlewich, Cheshire'. J2025
[Multiple files available] Heard, H (2005)'Geophysical Survey Report, Forest Hill Golf Course, Botcheston, Leicestershire'. J2044
[Multiple files available] Heard, H (2005)'Geophysical Survey Report, Church of St Michael, Cropthorne, Worcestershire'. J2061
[Multiple files available] Elks, D. (2005)'Highfield Farm, Littleport'. J1981

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