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Results for Surrey County Council Archaeology Unit

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"The Surrey County Archaeological Unit (SCAU) provides a wide range of archaeological services. It has been working within the County for over 25 years. SCAU is a Registered Archaeological Organisation with the Institute of Field Archaeology, and forms part of the Heritage Group in Surrey County Council.

The Team has a wide range of skills and considerable depth of experience, and this enables it to carry out many different kinds of archaeological work. It works for numerous clients who need archaeological work carried out in relation to new developments. This work can range from desk-top assessments of the impact of proposed works, through excavation and other fieldwork, to the preparation of reports, including detailed studies of all types of ancient artefacts. The team is also heavily involved in community archaeology and outreach.

Surrey is rich with the physical remains of its former inhabitants, and Heritage Enterprise is especially interested in promoting understanding of these to the wider public. Its writing, design and illustration skills are highly regarded and widely used to provide popular books, heritage interpretation boards, exhibitions and posters. Its Community Archaeologist is especially important in working with schools, families and community groups on archaeological projects."


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Records 1 - 25 of 33

PDF   (400KB) Jones, Phil (1991)'A3 Milford By-Pass, Surrey: An Archaeological Evaluation.'.
PDF   (2MB) Saich, D., Dyer, S., Poulton, R. and Robertson, J. (1992)'An Archaeological Assessment of the Widening of the M3 between Junctions 2 and 3'.
PDF   (1MB) Saich, D., Dyer, S., Poulton, R. and Robertson, J. (1992)'An Archaeological Assessment of the Widening of the M3 between Junctions 3 and 4'.
PDF   (994KB) Hayman, G.N. (1992)'Further archaeological evaluation at Thorpe Lea Nurseries, Near Egham, in 1992'.
PDF   (2MB) Farminer, A (1993)'A Preliminary Archaeological Assessment of the Proposed A30 Jenkins Hill on-line dualling improvements.'.
PDF   (4MB) Dyer, S (1994)'An Archaeological Evaluation of the Proposed A3 Improvements at Hindhead.'.
PDF   (1MB) Hayman, G.N. (1994)'An Archaeological Site Evaluation on Land adjoining Barnwood School, Guildford'.
PDF   (915KB) Dyer, S. (1994)'An Archaeological Assessment of the River Wey Floodplain Replacement Scheme (M25 Widening Junctions 10 to 11)'.
PDF   (499KB) Dyer, S. (1994)'An Archaeological Watching Brief During the Excavation of a Pollution Control Pond Associated with the Widening of the M25 Junctions 10 to 11'.
PDF   (902KB) Farminer, A. and Poulton, R. (1995)'A preliminary archaeological assessment of the A23/M23 Link, Hooley, Surrey'.
PDF   (2MB) Dyer, Steve (1995)'An Archaeological Evaluation of the Proposed A3 Improvements at Chase Farm, Near Hindhead, Surrey.'.
PDF   (698KB) Hayman, G.N. Huson, S. (1995)'Excavations at 46-50 High Street, Ewell, 1994'.
PDF   (607KB) Hayman, G.N. (1995)'Discoveries of late Iron Age and Roman date at Farleigh Court Golf Course, near Warlingham'.
PDF   (6MB) Hayman, G. and Jones, P. (1997)'The excavation of two medieval pottery kiln sites and two sections through the London-Lewes Roman road at Clacket Lane, near Titsey, 1992'. Surrey Archaeological Collections, 84, 1-87, 1997
PDF   (276KB) Stevenson, J (1998)'An Archaeological Watching Brief on the A30 Jenkins Hill on line-dualling improvements'.
PDF   (1MB) Hayman, G.N. (1999)'Archaeological work at 18-32 London Road, Staines'.
[file currently unavailable] Hayman, G.N. (2000)'An archaeological excavation at 42-54 London Road, Staines'.
PDF   (972KB) Hayman, G.N. (2001)'An archaeological evaluation of the stage 3 area at Farnham Quarry, Runfold Farm'.
PDF   (3MB) Ayres, K. Hayman, G.N. (2001)'An archaeological excavation on the site of the Old Police Station and 10-16 London Road, Staines'.
PDF   (1MB) Poulton, R. (2002)'A second archaeological evaluation of lands off Wyphurst Road, Cranleigh, Surrey'.
PDF   (997KB) Hayman, G.N. Robertson, J. (2003)'An archaeological evaluation of the remainder of the stage 2 land at Farnham Quarry (Runfold Farm), Surrey, in May and September 2003, Surrey'.
PDF   (1MB) Poulton, R. (2003)'Hengrove Farm, Staines, archaeological work 1999-2002 assessment report'.
PDF   (685KB) Hayman, G.N. (2004)'Archaeological work in 2004 at Farnham Quarry (Runfold Farm), nr Runfold, Surrey'.
PDF   (2MB) Poulton, R. (2004)'Hengrove Farm, Staines, archaeological work in 2003 assessment report'.
PDF   (5MB) Shaikhley, N (2005)'A Preliminary Archaeological Assessment of the Proposed Re-Development at Sutton and North Cheam Sports and Social Club, London Road, Cheam'.

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