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Results for Warwickshire Museum Field Services

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Warwickshire Museum Archaeology Projects Group undertakes all kinds of archaeological contractor work in Warwickshire and neighbouring Midlands counties for a mixture of private and public sector clients. The Museum has carried out excavations around Warwickshire since the 1960s and collectively our staff offer unrivalled expertise in the archaeology of our core area. As a Registered Organisation with the Institute for Archaeologists all our work is carried out in accordance with the Institute's Code of Conduct and other standards.We are an archaeological contractor, providing a high quality cost-effective solution to our clients' needs on large and small projects. We are independent of the Archaeological Planning Information and Advice Service. We offer archaeological services in Warwickshire, Coventry and across central England.Warwickshire Museum Field Services became Archaeology Warwickshire in 2010.



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Anon, (1988) '117 Tiddington Road, Stratford-on-Avon. Archaeological Excavations'.
Lines, G Palmer, N (1991) '112 Tiddington Road, Stratford-on-Avon. Archaeological Recording'.
Palmer, S (1992) 'Marsh Farm Quarry, Salford Priors, Warwickshire 2nd Interim Report, Extraction Phase 4'.
Lines, G (1992) '26 Roman Way, Alcester, Warwickshire. Archaeological Observation'.
Anon, (1993) 'A45/A445 Improvements. Archeological Assessement'.
Anon, (1993) 'A435 Norton Lenchwick Bypass. Phase 2: Archaeological Field Evaluations Part I Boteler's Castle'.
Anon, (1993) 'A435 Norton Lenchwick Bypass. Phase 2: Archaeological Field Evaluations Part II'.
Anon, (1994) 'A452 Leamington-Kenilworth Improvements. Environmental Assessment. Part 2: Cultural Heritage'.
Anon, (1994) 'A46 Alcester - Stratford Improvement. Environmental Assessment'.
A, (1994) 'A435 Norton Lenchwick Bypass Excavations in the Outer Bailey of Boteler's Castle, Alcester Interim Report and Post-Excavation Proposal'.
Palmer, SC (1994) 'Marsh Farm Quarry, Salford Priors, Warwickshire, Archaeological Excavation 3rd Interim Report, Extraction Phase 4'.
Palmer, SC (1994) 'A435 Norton Lenchwick Bypass Excavations in the Arrow Valley. Interim Report and Post-Excavation Proposal'.
Gethin, B Jones, GC (1994) 'Archaeological Observation and Recording at The New Rectory, Butter Street, Alcester'.
Anon, (1994) 'A435 Studley Bypass Archaeological Assessment Proposal for Stage 3 Fieldwork'.
A, (1995) 'A46 Alcester - Stratford Improvement. Supplementary Archaeological Report'.
Jones, C (1995) 'Archaeological Evaluation of Land at Cold Comfort Lane'.
Jones, C Palmer, N (1996) 'Archaeological Evaluation at 80 Tiddington Road, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire'.
Palmer, N (1997) 'Archaeological Observation at 102 Tiddington Road, Archaeological Observation, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire'.
Jones, C (1997) 'Archaeological Evaluation at Former Highways Depot, Station Road, Alcester'.
Coutts, CM Gethin, B (1998) 'Archaeological Observation at 'Belmont', Exhall, Warwickshire'.
Jones, C (1998) 'Archaeological Evaluation on land south of Main Street, Tiddington, Warwickshire'.
Jones, C (1999) 'Archaeological Evaluation at 124 Tiddington Road, Archaeological Evaluation, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire'. Report 9934
Meek, J Elders, J Palmer, N (1999) 'Reconstruction of Marton Bridge, Warwickshire: Archaeological Recording - Stage 1 Preliminary Surveys and Stage 2 Trial Trenching'.
Coutts, C (2000) 'Archaeological Observation of Severn Trent Water Mains Renewals in Burton Dassett Avon Dassett and Fenny Compton, Warwickshire'. Report 0013
Palmer, S (2000) 'Archaeological Evaluation at Ling Hall Quarry, Church Lawford, Warwickshire (Area Z)'. Report 0045
Newman, R Palmer, N (2000) 'Archaeological Observation at 124 Tiddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire'. Report 0001

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