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Volume 2 (1855-56) - Table of Contents

Preliminaries - vol ii part i
PDF 404 Kb
Preliminaries - vol ii part ii
PDF 50 Kb
Preliminaries - vol ii part iii
PDF 152 Kb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-5)
PDF 158 Kb
Notice of a 'Burgh,' Recently Opened in the Island of Burray, Orkney. (pp 5-6)
Farrer, James
PDF 101 Kb
On the Present State of the Ruins of Iona, and their Preservation. In a Letter to the Hon Lord Murray. (pp 07-12)
Laing, David
PDF 518 Kb
Notice of the Crozier of St Moluach, the Property of the Duke of Argyll. (pp 12-5)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 172 Kb
Notice of 'The Black Book of Breadalbane,' preserved at Taymouth, containing portraits of several members of the Breadalbane Family, executed in the beginning of the Seventeenth Century. (pp 17-9)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 109 Kb
Notes regarding a box which was presented by Alexander Pope, the Poet, to his supposed relative, the Rev. Alexander Pope, Minister of Reay, Caithness-shire. (pp 19-22)
Chambers, Robert
PDF 215 Kb
Inedited Notices, from the Rotuli Scaccarii Regum Scotorum, of John Barbour, Archdeacon of Aberdeen, Author of 'The Bruce,'. (pp 23-32)
Robertson, Joseph
PDF 498 Kb
Note on a Silver Reliquary bequeathed by E W A D Hay, found among his coins. (pp 32-5)
Scott, W H
PDF 217 Kb
Notices of Ancient Gaelic Poems and Historical Fragments in a Ms. Volume (written in the years 1512 to 1529) called 'The Dean of Lismore's Book,' in the Advocates' Library. (pp 35-51)
McLauchlan, Rev. Thomas
PDF 888 Kb
Notice of the Ancient Die of a Scottish Coin found near Pittencrieff, recently presented to the Museum. (pp 52-5)
Scott, W H
PDF 210 Kb
Remarks on some Clay Dagobas, bearing Sanscrit Stamps obtained in Ceylon. (pp 55-6)
Brodie, A Oswald
PDF 90 Kb
Description of Antiquities in Orkney recently examined, with Illustrative Drawings. (pp 56-62)
Petrie, George
PDF 502 Kb
Notes regarding Historical and Antiquarian peculiarities of the Districts in Forfarshire, where the various relics now presented to the Museum of the Society were found. (pp 64-70)
Jervise, Andrew'
PDF 341 Kb
Notice of the Outfort on Barry Hill, Forfarshire recently removed. (pp 70-1)
Wise, T A
PDF 83 Kb
Notice of a Stone Coffin, found in the pavement of the Abbey Church, Dunfermline, in 1849, and of its contents. (pp 75-7)
Chalmers, Rev. Peter
PDF 176 Kb
Notices of Impressions of Ancient Seals, principally of the Eglinton Family. (pp 78)
Scott, W H
PDF 176 Kb
Notice of a Greek Medical Inscription found at Chester. (pp 79-81)
Simpson, Professor J Y
PDF 115 Kb
Notices of the Burial of King Malcolm III. in the Monastery at Tynemouth in 1093, and of the subsequent history of his remains. (pp 81-9)
Stuart, John
PDF 461 Kb
On a curious difficulty as to evidence arising from an entry of the Duke of York's name in the sederunt of the Privy Council at Edinburgh, in July 1684. (pp 90-3)
Chambers, Robert
PDF 182 Kb
Notice of Recent Excavations in the Hill Fort of Dunsinane, Perthshire. (pp 93-9)
Wise, T A'
PDF 364 Kb
Extract of a letter from the Councillor of State, C C Rafn, Secretary of The Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries, Copenhagen, to J M Mitchell. (pp 100)
- -
PDF 65 Kb
British Primeval Antiquities: Their present treatment and their real claims. (pp 101)
Rhind, A Henry
PDF 27 Kb
Note addressed to David Laing, respecting some circumstances connected with the interment of Alexander III and Robert Bruce, Kings of Scotland, in the Abbey Church of Dunfermline. (pp 101-2)
Henderson, Dr E
PDF 35 Kb
Notices of Sir Robert Crichton of Cluny and of his son James, 'The Admirable Crichton,'. (pp 103-18)
Stuart, John
PDF 838 Kb
Supplementary Notice regarding the entry of the Duke of York's name in the Privy Council Record, July1685. (pp 118-24)
- -
PDF 381 Kb
Letters from Lord Hailes and the Earl of Buchan relative to a proposed collection of Scottish Portraits, and to the formation of the Society of Antiquaries. (pp 134-8)
Elphinstone, James D H
PDF 208 Kb
A letter to the Earl of Buchan from Monsignore Carlo Erskine, Domestic Prelate to Pope Pius VI., with Notices of Papal Bulls issued to Scotland. (pp 139-42)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 225 Kb
Suggestions for the removal of St Margaret's Well, near Restalrig, in the vicinity of Edinburgh, to a more favourable site. (pp 143-7)
Laing, David
PDF 427 Kb
Notice of a Curious boundary of part of the Lands of Burgie, near Forres, in a Charter of King Alexander II., 1221. (pp 147-52)
Brichan, James B
PDF 268 Kb
Notice of Antiquities on the Isle of Eday, Orkney, recently examined by James Farrer, of Ingleborough, communicated by John Stuart. (pp 154-8)
- -
PDF 249 Kb
Letter of safe conduct and recommendation granted by James II., King of Scots, to Nicholas Georgiades, a Greek of Arcosson, travelling through Scotland to collect the Alms of the Faithful for the ransom of his Brother, taken prisoner by the Turks at the Capture of Constantinople in 1453. (pp 159-61)
Robertson, Joseph
PDF 145 Kb
Notice of a Sculptured Sarcophagus, and other Sepulchral Monuments, recently discovered in the Churchyard of Govan. (pp 161-5)
Roger, James C
PDF 257 Kb
Notes on Melrose Abbey; Especially in reference to inscriptions on the wall of the South Transept. (pp 166-75)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 638 Kb
Meeting Notes (pp 176-7)
PDF 85 Kb
Notes on the Bronze and Iron remains dug up in a 'Pict's House,' in the Holm of Eday, Orkney (presented at last meeting to the Museum of the Society). (pp 178-9)
Stuart, John
PDF 116 Kb
Notice of a Silver Cup; formerly belonging to the family of Calder of Assuanley, in Strathbogie. (pp 180-4)
Dalrymple, Charles E
PDF 259 Kb
Notice of Comets, Eclipses, Earthquakes, and other natural phenomena, from old Scottish Chroniclers and Diarists, with remarks. (pp 184)
Chambers, Robert
PDF 20 Kb
Communication from The Royal Society of Antiquaries at Dresden. (pp 185-6)
Mitchell, J M
PDF 72 Kb
Extract of a letter referring to the destruction of the 'Douglas Room,' Stirling Castle, from the Rev. Charles Rogers, communicated by John Stuart. (pp 186-7)
- -
PDF 67 Kb
Notices descriptive of the Localities of certain sculptured stone monuments in Forfarshire &c. (Part I). (pp 187-99)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 765 Kb
Notes on some Scottish Family Names and Arms. (pp 202)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 55 Kb
Antiquities of the Copper Region of the North American Lakes. (pp 203-12)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 556 Kb
Notices of the Early History of the Parish of Govan. (pp 212-6)
Roger, J C
PDF 267 Kb
Memorandum relative to a piece of Ordnance, found 28th March 1856, in the course of excavations by The Royal Engineer Department, at Broughty Castle, Communicated by Lieut Col R C Moody, Royal Engineers. (pp 220-2)
- -
PDF 122 Kb
Notice of the death of Robert Blackader, Archbishop of Glasgow, during a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, in the year 1508. (pp 222-6)
Laing, David
PDF 227 Kb
Notice of the Ruins of Baths discovered at Edzell Castle, Forfarshire in May 1855, &c. (pp 226-9)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 176 Kb
Notice of Sculptured Stones and other antiquities found on the Castle Hill of Kintore, and of other ancient remains found in the neighbourhood. (pp 230-3)
Stuart, John
PDF 189 Kb
Account of the expenses of the Funeral of Mrs Barbara Ruthven, Daughter-in-Law of Sir Hugh Paterson of Bannockburn, 20th July 1695. From the original belonging to Hugh J Rollo. (pp 233-5)
Stuart, John
PDF 175 Kb
Note by the Earl of Stair relative to Bronze Articles exhibited by his Lordship. (pp 237-8)
- -
PDF 37 Kb
List of Scottish Noblemen and Gentlemen taken prisoners at The Battle of Solway Moss on 24th November 1542, from a contemporary manuscript in the Library of the Duke of Northumberland at Sion House. Communicated by Albert Way in a letter to Joseph Robertson. (pp 238-42)
- -
PDF 259 Kb
Notices descriptive of the localities of certain Sculptured Stone Monuments in Forfarshire, &c., - Meigle, Essie, Glamis, Thornton, and Cossins. Part II. (pp 242-51)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 506 Kb
Notice of a Stone Cist, containing the remains of a human skeleton, recently discovered at Ardyne, Near Castle Toward, Argyleshire. (pp 251-5)
Roger, J C
PDF 311 Kb
An Obituary and Calendar of Scottish Saints, extracted from The Martyrology for the use of the Church of Aberdeen, A Ms. of the Sixteenth Century. (pp 256-72)
Laing, David
PDF 651 Kb
On one of the simple forms of Burial in use among the Ancient Egyptians, observed in a recent excavation at Geezeh. (pp 274-6)
Rhind, A Henry
PDF 177 Kb
Note regarding two bronze rings, recently dug up near Stobo Castle, Peeblesshire, the Seat of Sir Graham Montgomery. (pp 276-8)
Seton, George
PDF 106 Kb
Notes respecting the life of Swein Aslief, an Orkney Viking, of the Twelfth Century, illustrating the annals of that period. Collected from the Early Norwegian Sages. (pp 278-87)
Fotheringhame, W H
PDF 557 Kb
Notices of the City Cross of Edinburgh, &c., &c., illustrated by a Model and Drawings of the existing remains. (pp 287-94)
McCulloch, W T
PDF 414 Kb
Additional Note to the communication on Melrose Abbey. (Pages 166-175) (pp 295)
- -
PDF 52 Kb
A few remarks on the portraits of Sir William Wallace. (pp 308-13)
Laing, David
PDF 535 Kb
Notices of two Bills introduced into the last Parliament of Scotland, the one for the Registration of Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials; the other for the establishment of a system of Free Trade. (pp 313-7)
Robertson, Joseph
PDF 250 Kb
Notices of Sculptured Fragments, formerly in the Episcopal Palace, Glasgow; also, Notice of a Sarcophagus found within the Choir of the Cathedral, supposed to have contained the remains of Archbishop Dunbar. (pp 317-31)
Roger, J C
PDF 1 Mb
On the locality of the abduction of Queen Mary. (pp 331-6)
Chambers, Robert
PDF 323 Kb
Notice of an unpublished letter from General Mackay to the Laird of Grant, dated at London, 4th December 1690, on the comparative strength of Ecclesiastical parties in Scotland at the Revolution. (pp 336-8)
Robertson, Joseph
PDF 134 Kb
Poetical Maxims from a painted room in the old house at Culross, called 'The Palace,' with Notices of the history of the building and its probable founder. (pp 339-44)
Jervise, A
PDF 281 Kb
Proposal to establish a communication with the School Masters of Scotland. (pp 344-7)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 172 Kb
A few Notices of Manners from the older Council-Books of Dundee. (pp 347-9)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 125 Kb
A Note on the subject of Protocol Books as connected with Public Records. (pp 354-68)
Laing, David
PDF 744 Kb
Notices of the Early Ecclesiastical Settlement of the Country on the Deveron, and of recent excavations at the Ha' Hill of Montblairy, on the banks of that river. (pp 368-72)
Stuart, John
PDF 205 Kb
Notes of excavations of Tumuli in Caithness, made in the Summer of 1856. (pp 372-6)
Rhind, A Henry
PDF 387 Kb
Report of the Committee on St Margaret's Well. (pp 379-80)
- -
PDF 34 Kb
Notice of the Stone Circle at Callernish, in the Island of Lewis. (pp 380-4)
Callender, Henry
PDF 732 Kb
A description of the oldest Council Books and other Records of the town of Haddington, with copious Extracts. (pp 384-420)
Thomson, Thomas
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of an Urn and other Sepulchral remains, &c., discovered in the Windy-Goul, on Arthur's Seat, in cutting the New Road from Edinburgh to the Village of Duddingstone. (pp 420-2)
Logan, George
PDF 138 Kb
Notice of some Indian Antiquities, as compared with British in a letter from Dr Daniel Wilson, Toronto, Upper Canada, to David Laing. (pp 423-5)
- -
PDF 375 Kb
Notes of the Excavation of a Tumulus, at Auchleven, in the Parish of Premnay, and District of Garioch, Aberdeenshire. (pp 431-2)
Dalrymple, Charles E
PDF 74 Kb
Contemporary Official Reports of the Proceedings at elections of Members of Parliament for the Shires of Roxburgh, Edinburgh, and Orkney, in 1628. (pp 432-42)
Robertson, Joseph
PDF 557 Kb
Notices descriptive of the localities of certain Sculptured Stone Monuments in Forfarshire, viz., - Benvie, and Invergowrie; Strathmartin, and Balutheran; Monifieth; Cross of Camus, and Arbirlot. Part III. (pp 442-50)
Jervise, A.
PDF 533 Kb
Notice of the Excavation of a 'Pict's House,' on the farm of Stensall of Kergord, Zetland. (pp 452-4)
Black, D D
PDF 117 Kb
Inventar of Popish Trinkets, gotten in my Lord Traquair's House, Anno 1688; All solemnly burnt at the Cross of Peebles,' with some remarks. (pp 454-7)
Laing, David
PDF 181 Kb
Notices of the Localities of the Sculptured Stone Monuments at St Bigeans, Inchbrayoch, Pitmuies, and Menmuir, in Angus, and of Fordoun in the Mearns. Part IV. (pp 458-66)
Jervise, A
PDF 494 Kb
Notices of ancient monuments in the ruined Church of St Mary, Rothesay. (pp 466-81)
Roger, James C
PDF 2 Mb
Notes on some Sepulchral Cists, and on the Latin Inscription upon one of the Standing Stones near Yarrow Kirk, Selkirkshire. (pp 484-9)
Smith, John Alex
PDF 294 Kb
On an old stone-roofed cell or oratory in the Island of Inchcolm. (pp 489-528)
Simpson, Professor J Y
PDF 2 Mb
Original letter (hitherto unpublished) from Colonel John Grahame of Claverhouse (afterwards Viscount of Dundee) describing the military execution of John Brown of Priesthill, commonly called 'The Christian Carrier,' on the 1st of May 1685. (pp 528-30)
Napier, Mark
PDF 127 Kb
Notice of 'The Law,' and other antiquities in the Parish of Urquhart, near Elgin. (pp 530-3)
Walker, Rev. Henry
PDF 162 Kb
Notice of three Cists recently discovered at Craigdhu, near North Queensferry, and other remains in the neighbourhood. (pp 533)
Chalmers, Rev. Peter
PDF 32 Kb
Additional Note to Mr A Jervise's Communication on the historical and antiquarian peculiarities of some Districts of Forfarshire. (See pp. 64-65) (pp 533-4)
- -
PDF 34 Kb
Additional note (pp 533-34)
PDF 34 Kb
Errata (pp 535)
PDF 32 Kb
Index (pp 537-49)
PDF 544 Kb