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Year of Publication (Start): 2004
Year of Publication (End): 2011
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W Muncaster
W Muncaster
M Coates
M Muncaster
Three evaluation trenches were excavated recovered evidence of a large ditch, a small linear feature, and an undated, but possibly Iron Age or Romano-British, agricultural and settlement complex. A stone quern was also recovered. [Au(abr)]
W Muncaster
The site contained five main areas of archaeological interest within a wider area devoid of evidence for past activity. The well-preserved remains of a 19th century colliery row were recorded along the proposed access route. Trenches were excavated through the township boundary although no dating evidence was forthcoming. Wall footings from a post-medieval farm were encountered, with ditches and a slot or gully to the north that possibly predated this. Two possible prehistoric ditches and a pit were also recorded, with environmental evidence suggesting a prehistoric or Roman date. [Au(adp)]
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