Nigel Nayling, Garry Momber, Miguel San Claudio, Ana Crespo Solana, 2018

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Nigel Nayling
Professor of Archaeology
Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts
University of Wales Trinity St David
SA48 7ED

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Nigel Nayling, Garry Momber, Miguel San Claudio, Ana Crespo Solana (2018) ForSEAdiscovery [data-set]. York: Archaeology Data Service [distributor]

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This model is a survey of area 1 of the Bayonnaise wreck, made during ForSEAdiscovery fieldwork in Galicia, Spain June 2015. (Adolfo Miguel Martins ForSEAdiscovery)


Bayo Area1 ExifData TXT
Bayo Area1 ExifData
Bayo Area1 ExifData
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447 Kb
Bayo Area1 photogrammetry metadata XLSX 25 Kb

OBJ files

Bayo 04 obj ZIP 24 Mb

Source Images

A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-001-018 ZIP 99 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-019-034 ZIP 95 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-035-050 ZIP 95 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-051-067 ZIP 99 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-068-083 ZIP 95 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-084-098 ZIP 95 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-099-113 ZIP 94 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-114-128 ZIP 94 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-129-144 ZIP 97 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-145-160 ZIP 99 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-161-175 ZIP 94 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-176-191 ZIP 96 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-192-207 ZIP 97 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-208-225 ZIP 98 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-226-243 ZIP 99 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-244-261 ZIP 96 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-262-278 ZIP 95 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-279-296 ZIP 97 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-297-315 ZIP 95 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-316-333 ZIP 98 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-334-350 ZIP 97 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-351-367 ZIP 98 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-368-385 ZIP 96 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-386-402 ZIP 95 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-403-418 ZIP 94 Mb
A-BAY01-10-06-2015-1-MSC-P-419-423 ZIP 29 Mb

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