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Grey Literature can also be searched via ArchSearch and the ADS Library.

  • In Archsearch simply click the 'Browser' blade and under 'Resources' (on the left) check 'Grey Lit Library', enter your 'keyword' search and/or go to the 'Map' blade to select a search area. The advantage of ArchSearch is that your search and results can be viewed spatially in the ArchSearch map.
  • The ADS library allows you to search the reports alongside other bibliographic resources such as journal articles and monographs.

To use a traditional text based search of Grey Literature enter your search terms below, select the type of search and click on the search button. It is possible to build up quite specific queries but we would recommend that you start simple. You can add more boxes by using the + button. For more tips on searching see the text at the bottom of the page.

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Notes on searching

If you select multiple instances of a field (title, author, parish) the search will react differently depending on the field type.

If you do a search with multiple instances of Title, Author, Period, Monument or Find, you will received results back of records containing all of these criteria.
For instance: Title: Back and Title: Lane
Will find: 'Evaluation at Land off Back Lane, Great Malvern'

If you search on multiple instances of Date, Place of production, Producer, Site name, Parish, District or County you will receive records containing any of the search terms.
For instance: Parish: Malvern and Parish: Worcester
Will find reports from both Malvern and Worcester.

So a fuller example might be:
Date: 1996
Date: 1997
Author: Ratkai
County: Hereford and Worcester
Will find anything written by Ratkai in either 1996 or 1997 in Hereford and Worcester.

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