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Harrison Eiteljorg, II, 2013

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Final Report, CSA Propylaea Project: Publications and Lectures


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CSA Newsletter articles about the CSA Propylaea Project:

"Data-Gathering Phase of CSA Propylaea Project Ends," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II, XXI.3 (Winter 2009)

"Successful Final Scaffolding Experiment for Survey Work," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II, XXI.3 (Winter 2009)

"The Next Step for Scaffolding on the Propylaea," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II, XXI.1 (Spring 2008)

"An Apparatus to Aid in Surveying High Walls," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II, XX.3 (Winter 2008)

"Surveying with a Total Station and No Prism -- A Reconsideration of Surveying without Targets," XVII.3 (Winter 2005)

"Parametric Modeling in AutoCAD -- Almost," XVII.3 (Winter 2005)

"The Cyrax 3D Scanner in the Propylaea -- Surveying Again," XVII.2 (Fall 2004)

"Old Data in New Clothes," XVII.1 (Spring 2004)

"From Field Data to CAD Model: Modeling the NW wing of the Propylaea," XVII.1 (Spring 2004)

"A Final Survey Experiment on the NW Wing of the Propylaea," XVI.3 (Winter, 2004)

"Note-Taking with Total Station Survey Work," XVI.3 (Winter, 2004)

"More Survey Experiments on the Propylaea," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II, XVI.2 (Fall, 2003)

"Surveying with Photographs -- PhotoModeler® 5," XVI.1 (Spring 2003)

"Surveying the Northwest Wing of the Propylaea -- A Pilot Project," XVI.1 (Spring 2003)

"Using CSA Propylaea Project Data Files," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II, XV.2 (Fall, 2002)

"Unicode File Names: New CSA Policy," XV.1 (Spring 2002)

"Multi-File CAD Models," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II, and Susan C. Jones, XV.1 (Spring 2002)

"The Roof of the NW Wing of the Propylaea," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II; XV.1 (Spring, 2002)

"The CSA Propylaea Project - Reconstructing the Pinakotheka Roof," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II; XIV.3 (Winter, 2002)

"A Spreadsheet as a CAD Aid - Again," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II; XIV.2 (Fall, 2001)

"Recent Work on the CSA Propylaea Project," by Harrison Eiteljorg, II; XIV.2 (Fall 2001)

"First Fruits of CSA Propylaea Project," XIV.1 (Spring, 2001)

"Slide Digitizing - More Exacting Experiments," XIV.1 (Spring, 2001)

"Scanning Propylaea Drawings," Harrison Eiteljorg, II, XIV.1 (Spring, 2001)

"Using the CSA Layer Naming Convention on the Propylaea Model," XIV.1 (Spring, 2001)

"Making Aims Match Needs," Harrison Eiteljorg, II, XIV.1 (Spring, 2001)

"Slide Digitizing -- A Lesson Learned," XIII.3 (Winter 2001)

"New Photographs on CSA Propylaea Project Web Page," XIII.3 (Winter 2001)

"Scanning Drawings for Preservation and Display -- What Resolution?" XIII.3 (Winter 2001)

"Samuel H. Kress Foundation Grant for CSA Propylaea Project," XIII.2 (Fall, 2000)

"CSA Propylaea Project Taking Shape," XIII.1 (Spring, 2000)

"Propylaea Project Gets Back In Gear," XII.3 (Winter, 2000)

"Building a Model of the Propylaea," XI.1 (Spring, 1998)


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