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Volume 3 (1857-59) - Table of Contents

PDF 713 Kb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-8)
PDF 327 Kb
Historical Description of the Altar-Piece painted in the reign of King James the Third of Scotland, in the Palace of Holyrood. (pp 8-25)
Laing, David
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of the Ancient Monument, supposed to be that of James, first Earl of Morton, in the Church of Dalkeith. (pp 25-7)
Drummond, James
PDF 149 Kb
Remarks on the Round Tower of Brechin. (pp 28-35)
Jervise, A
PDF 534 Kb
Notice of the Isle of the Loch of Banchory, and other examples of Crannoges. (pp 35-7)
Robertson, Joseph
PDF 96 Kb
Notice of the Roman Altars, &c., presented by the Right Hon Sir George Clerk of Penicuik, Bart. (pp 37-43)
Clerk, George
PDF 477 Kb
Notice of two 'Crannoges' or Pallisaded Islands, in Bute; with Plans. (pp 43-6)
Mackinlay, John
PDF 204 Kb
Notice of a Tomb on the Hill of Roseisle, Morayshire, recently opened; also of the Chambered Cairns and Stone Circles at Clava, on Nairnside. (pp 46-50)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 332 Kb
Account of a recent discovery of Stone Cists, containing Urns and human bones, in the farm of Windymains, Humbie, Haddingtonshire. (pp 50-2)
Forman, Robert
PDF 103 Kb
On the Present State of the Question, 'Where was John Knox born?' (pp 52-62)
Richardson, John
PDF 635 Kb
Notice of the Kers of Samuelston. (pp 64-8)
Thomson, Thomas
PDF 311 Kb
Notice of Sculptured Stones found at 'Dinnacair', near Stonehaven. (pp 69-75)
Thomson, Alexander
PDF 386 Kb
The Law of Treasure-Trove: How it can be best adapted to accomplish useful results. (pp 76)
Rhind, A Henry
PDF 48 Kb
Notice of Cists recently discovered on the Sea-shore at Lundy in Fife. (pp 76-7)
Durham, Mrs Dundas
PDF 74 Kb
Notice of a Stone Coffin which contained an Urn and Jet Ornaments, discovered near Pitkennedy, parish of Aberlemno, Forfarshire. (pp 78-9)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 106 Kb
Notice of a Coffin cut out of the Solid Rock, containing an Urn, &c., discovered at Ferne, Forfarshire. (pp 80)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 76 Kb
Notes of some Curiosities of Old Scottish Tenures and Investitures. (pp 81-7)
Innes, Professor
PDF 308 Kb
Historical Notices of the Family of King James the First of Scotland, chiefly from information communicated by John Riddell, FSA Scot. (pp 87-101)
Laing, David
PDF 723 Kb
Notice of Bronze Relics, &c., found in the Isle of Skye. (pp 101-6)
Smith, John Alex
PDF 441 Kb
Notice of Farthings of John, King of England, from a hoard of Coins discovered at Newry. (pp 107-10)
Lindsay, John
PDF 441 Kb
Notice of a Chamber recently excavated in the Stone Circle of Callernish in the Lewis. (pp 110-2)
Matheson, James
PDF 105 Kb
Remarks on the Stone Circle of Callernish. (pp 112)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 20 Kb
Notice of a Volume of the 'Accounts of Sir William Bruce of Balcaskie, General Surveyor of His Majesty's Works (1674-1679),' now in the General Register House. (pp 113-7)
Robertson, Joseph
PDF 243 Kb
Remarks on the Ancient Barrier called 'The Catrail;' with Plans. (pp 117-21)
Kennedy, William Norman
PDF 303 Kb
Notice of the Burg of Mousa in Shetland. (pp 123-4)
Dryden, Henry
PDF 65 Kb
Account of a Circular Building, and other Ancient Remains, discovered in South Uist. (pp 124-7)
Dryden, Henry
PDF 256 Kb
Notice of Beehive Houses in Harris and Lewis; with Traditions of the Each-uisge,' or Water-horse, connected therewith. (pp 127-44)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 1 Mb
Note of the Recent Excavation of a Cairn on the High Law, and of other Antiquities in the Parish of Cruden, Aberdeenshire. (with Additional Notes by Stuart, John) (pp 144-9)
Pratt, Rev. J B
PDF 280 Kb
Notice of a Deed by Sir James Sandilands of Calder, relative to the Parish Church of Mid-Calder. (pp 160-5)
Robertson, Joseph
PDF 727 Kb
Notice of Armorial Bearings and Inscriptions in the Church of Mid-Calder. (pp 166-71)
Stuart, John
PDF 439 Kb
Proposals for Cleaning and Lighting the City of Edinburgh in the year 1735, With Explanatory Remarks. (pp 171-80)
Laing, David
PDF 485 Kb
Description of a Cairn in the Isle of Bute. (pp 180-2)
Mackinlay, John
PDF 249 Kb
Notice of St Govane's Hermitage, near Pembroke, South Wales. (pp 184-6)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 141 Kb
Remarks on the Ancient Structures called Picts' Houses and Burghs, with especial reference to the Burgh of Mousa in Shetland. (pp 187-95)
Stuart, John
PDF 473 Kb
Notice of a Barrow at Huntiscarth in the Parish of Harray, Orkney, recently opened. (pp 195)
Petrie, George
PDF 47 Kb
Contract between the City of Edinburgh and John Meikle, for a Chime of Musical Bells, 1698. (pp 196-201)
Laing, David
PDF 380 Kb
Report respecting the Applications to the Treasury on the subject of Treasure-Trove. (pp 203-6)
Stuart, John
PDF 118 Kb
Description of Beehive Houses in the Island of Harris. (See p.134) (pp 206)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 14 Kb
Ben Jonson in Edinburgh in the year 1618. (pp 206-8)
Laing, David
PDF 112 Kb
Account of 'The Dane's Dyke,' an ancient Camp at Fife-Ness (pp 209-11)
Mackinlay, John
PDF 258 Kb
Note of Incised Marks on one of a Circle of Standing Stones in the Island of Lewis. (pp 212-4)
Stuart, John
PDF 181 Kb
Notice of the Hospital of St Martha at Aberdour, Fife. (pp 214-20)
Ross, Rev. William
PDF 318 Kb
Notice of a Bond by the Earl of Irvine and other Officers of the Scots Guard of the French King (Louis XIV.), for Expenses of the Corps, &c. (pp 220-5)
Law, James
PDF 279 Kb
Notice of a Beehive House in the Island of St Kilda. (with Additional Notes by Thomas, F W L) (pp 225-32)
Muir, Thomas S
PDF 381 Kb
Notice of a 'Quigrich' or Crozier of Saint Fillan. (pp 233-4)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 422 Kb
Paper on the subject of Burns's Pistols. (pp 239-44)
Gillis, Rev. Bishop
PDF 314 Kb
List of Treasure-Trove, from Orkney and other places, presented to the Museum by the Exchequer. (pp 245-53)
- -
PDF 380 Kb
Notice of the 'Bluidy Banner' of Drumclog and Bothwell Brig, preserved at Dunbar. (pp 253-8)
Drummond, James
PDF 575 Kb
Saint Maelrubba: his History and Churches. (pp 258-96)
Reeves, William
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of the Ancient Church of St Helen at Aldcambus, and of Fragments of a Monastic Building at Luffness; with Plans. (pp 296-9)
Muir, Thomas S
PDF 283 Kb
Notice of an Anglo-Saxon Styca of Osbercht, King of Northumbria. (pp 300-3)
Smith, John Alex
PDF 177 Kb
The Round Tower of Abernethy. (pp 303-19)
Brach, Richard Rolt
PDF 999 Kb
Account of Lieut-Colonel William Mercer. Author of 'Angliae Speculum.' Lond. 1646. (pp 341-57)
Laing, David
PDF 760 Kb
Notice of the Account-book of Andrew Halyburton, Conservator of the Privileges of the Scottish Nation in the Low Countries, 1493-1504. (pp 358-61)
Robertson, Joseph
PDF 387 Kb
Statement Relative to the Removal of St Margaret's Well. (pp 365-7)
Laing, David
PDF 85 Kb
Notice of an Old Gaelic Poem found among the Papers of the Family of Fassiefern. (pp 367-73)
Maclauchlan, Rev. Thomas
PDF 329 Kb
Notes on the Antiquities of Kinross-shire. (pp 375-88)
Annan, Robert
PDF 823 Kb
Notice of a Medallion of Paul Jones, given by himself to Mrs Belshes of Edinburgh, and now presented to the Society, together with the Privateer's Autograph-Letter. (pp 391-2)
Swinton, Prof. A Campbell
PDF 101 Kb
Notice of a Rare Medal of Provost Drummond of Edinburgh. Presented to the Society by George Sim. (pp 393-4)
- -
PDF 94 Kb
Notice respecting an Illuminated MS. On Vellum which formerly belonged to Mary, Queen of Scots, Communicated by Professor C Plazzi Smyth, through R M Smith, FSA Scot. (pp 394-403)
- -
PDF 565 Kb
Account of the Original Protest of the Bohemian Nobles against the Burning of John Huss, by the sentence of the Council of Constance, in 1415, preserved in the Library of the University of Edinburgh. (pp 408-24)
Small, John
PDF 866 Kb
On the Use of Wine amongst the Lower Orders in Scotland in the Seventeenth Century. (pp 424-8)
Robertson, Joseph
PDF 234 Kb
Notes on Clock and Watch Making; with Descriptions of several Antique Timekeepers deposited in the Museum. (pp 430-6)
Bryson, Alexander
PDF 534 Kb
Notes on the Use of Wine, from the Accounts of the Burgh of Aberdeen. (pp 429-30)
Stuart, John
PDF 74 Kb
Reference Notes to Plan and Views of Ancient Remains on the Summit of the Laws, Forfarshire. (pp 440-54)
Neish, James
PDF 1 Mb
Concordia facta inter Anglicos et Scotos, 3d January 1322-3. Communicated in a Letter from Professor Munch to David Laing. (pp 454-62)
- -
PDF 510 Kb
On the Use of Bronze and Iron in Ancient Egypt, with reference to general Archaeology. (pp 464-5)
Rhind, A H
PDF 88 Kb
Notice of Underground Chambers recently Excavated on the Hill of Cairn Conan, Forfarshire. (pp 465-71)
Stuart, John
PDF 326 Kb
On the Connexion between Scotland and the Council of Constance in the Fifteenth Century. (pp 471-8)
Small, John
PDF 362 Kb
Notes respecting a Bronze Tripod Vessel, with an Inscription, fount at Hexham, Illustrated by a Drawing and Cast of Inscription. (pp 478-80)
Fairless, W Dean
PDF 462 Kb
Notice of a Cist opened on the Land of Roseisle, Morayshire; of Photo-Zincography as Applicable to Representation of Manuscripts, Seals, &c.; and on some Early Notices of Wheel Carriages used in the Streets of Edinburgh. (pp 490)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 57 Kb
On the Thule of the Ancients. (pp 491-503)
Fotheringham, W H
PDF 655 Kb
Notice of Coffins (formed of Stone Slabs) found on the Farm of Milton, Haddingtonshire. (pp 503-6)
McCulloch, William T
PDF 164 Kb
Index (pp 507-531)
PDF 1 Mb