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Volume 1 (1792) - Table of Contents

PDF 1 Mb
An Inquiry into the Origin of the Name of the Scottish Nation, presented to the Society of Antiquaries, at Edinburgh, December 1780. (pp 001-012)
Foulis of Colinton, Baronet, Sir James
PDF 717 Kb
An Inquiry into the Beverage of the Ancient Caledonians, and other Northern nations, at their feasts; and of their Drinking Vessels. (pp 012-025)
Foulis of Colinton, Baronet, Sir James
PDF 808 Kb
Of the League said to have been formed between the Emperor Charlemagne and the King of Scotland. (pp 026-028)
Foulis of Colinton, Baronet, Sir James
PDF 184 Kb
Plan for a Royal Forest of Oak in the Highlands of Scotland. (pp 028-038)
Williams, John
PDF 627 Kb
Report upon the preceding Paper. (pp 039-040)
Dick of Prestonfield, Baronet, Sir Alexander
PDF 137 Kb
Account of the Parish of Haddington. (pp 040-121)
Barclay of Middleton, Rev. Dr George
PDF 4 Mb
Observations on the Origin of the Duni Pacis. (pp 121-124)
Foulis of Colinton, Baronet, Sir James
PDF 188 Kb
Description of the Encampments on the Hill of Burnswork. (pp 124-129)
PDF 302 Kb
Memoirs of the Life of Sir James Stewart Denhalm, Baronet. (pp 129-139)
Buchan, the Right Hon the Earl of
PDF 538 Kb
Account of the Parish of Uphall. (pp 139-155)
Buchan, the Right Hon the Earl of
PDF 809 Kb
An Inquiry into the Original Inhabitants of Britain. (pp 155-169)
Foulis of Colinton, Baronet, Sir James
PDF 733 Kb
A historical account of the Hammermen of Edinburgh, from their Records. (pp 170-183)
Little, William Charles
PDF 681 Kb
An Account of the Magnetic Mountain of Cannay. (pp 183-185)
Dempster, George
PDF 114 Kb
On the Offices of Thane and Abthane. (pp 185-188)
Riddel, Robert
PDF 159 Kb
An Account of a Combat between the Macphersons and the Davidsons. (pp 188-191)
Foulis of Colinton, Baronet, Sir James
PDF 200 Kb
An Account of the Manner in which the Lammas Festival used to be celebrated in Mid Lothian, about the Middle of the Eighteenth Century. (pp 192-198)
Anderson, James
PDF 386 Kb
A Disquisition into the proper Arrangement of the Silver Coins, applicable to the First Four James's Kings of Scotland. (pp 199-205)
Cummyng, James
PDF 368 Kb
An Account of the Province of Biscay, in Spain. (pp 205-215)
Geddes, Rev. Dr John
PDF 587 Kb
An Account of the Money, Coins, and Weights used in England, during the Reigns of the Saxon Princes. (pp 216-233)
Stirling, James
PDF 937 Kb
An Account of the Island of Icolumkill. (pp 234-241)
Buchan, the Right Hon the Earl of
PDF 608 Kb
Of the Roman Hasta and Pilum; of the Brass and Iron used by the Ancients. (pp 241-251)
Grant, Rev Mr John
PDF 537 Kb
Life of Mr James Short, Optician. (pp 251-256)
Buchan, the Right Hon the Earl of
PDF 275 Kb
Remarks made in a Journey to the Orkney Islands. (pp 256-268)
Gordon, Principal - of the Scots College in Paris
PDF 746 Kb
A Description of an ancient Obelisk in Berwickshire: With an Engraving. (pp 269-272)
Robertson, Roger
PDF 346 Kb
Observations and Facts concerning the Breed of Horses in Scotland in ancient Times. (pp 272-281)
Robertson, Roger
PDF 499 Kb
An Account of some Remains of Antiquity in the Island of Lewis, one of the Hebrides. (pp 282-292)
McKenzie, Colin
PDF 846 Kb
An Account of the Parish of Liberton in Mid Lothian, or County of Edinburgh. (pp 292-388)
Whyte, Rev Mr Thomas
PDF 4 Mb
An Inquiry into the Expedients used by the Scots before the Discovery of Metals. (pp 389-395)
Little, William Charles
PDF 351 Kb
Observations on the Vision; a Poem first Published in the Miscellany, or Collection of Scottish Poems called the Evergreen, by Allan Ramsay, anno 1724. (pp 395-402)
Tytler, William
PDF 357 Kb
Three Scottish Poems, with a previous Dissertation on the Scoto-Saxon Dialect. (pp 402-440)
Geddes, Rev Dr Alexander
PDF 2 Mb
Episle to the President, Vice-Presidents, and Members of the Scottish Society of Antiquaaries, on being chosen a Correspondent Member. (pp 441-456)
Geddes, Rev. Dr Alexander
PDF 637 Kb
The First Eklog of Virgil, translatit into Skottis vers. (pp 457-462)
Geddes, Rev Dr Alexander
PDF 210 Kb
The first Idillion of Theokritus, translatit into Skottis vers. (pp 462-468)
Geddes, Rev Dr Alexander
PDF 318 Kb
Dissertation on the Scottish Music. (pp 469-498)
Tytler, William
PDF 1 Mb
On the Fasionable Amusements and Entertainments in Edinburgh in the last Century, with a Plan of a grand Concert of Music on St Cecilia's Day, 1695. (pp 499-510)
Tytler, William
PDF 707 Kb
Topographical Description of the Parish of Aberlady (pp 511-522)
Roy, Reverend Dr Neil
PDF 748 Kb
Letter from the Countess Dowager of Nithsdale to her Sister, the Countess of Traquair, giving an Account of the Earl's Escape out of the Tower in 1716. (pp 523-538)
Syme, John
PDF 943 Kb
A Letter from the late Dr Henry, Author of the History of Great Britain, to William Tytler, Esq., with Answer. (pp 538-540)
PDF 204 Kb
Dissertation on the Marriage of Queen Mary with the Early of Bothwell. (pp 541-551)
Tytler, William
PDF 638 Kb
Letter under the Privy Signet of King James VI. Addressed thus: 'To o' trustie and well beloved ye. Provest, Bayliffes, and Councell of ye Burrough of Dundie.' From the Original in the Musaeum. (pp 551-552)
PDF 85 Kb
Letter from the Privy Council of Scotland, directed thus: 'To the Earle of Callander, Sheriff Principall of the Shyre of Stirling. In Haste.' From the original in the Musaeum. (pp 552-553)
PDF 72 Kb
Letter to Mr Cummyng, Secretary to the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland. From the Rev. Dr Barclay of Middleton. (pp 553-554)
PDF 71 Kb
Letter to the Right Reverend the Bishop of Edinburgh, from Gilbert Burnet, D.D. From the Original in the Musaeum. (pp 554-555)
PDF 101 Kb
Instructions for William Stewart, to be observed by him in the Duke of Queensberry's Family during his Grace's absence in England. (pp 556-561)
PDF 349 Kb
Licence by Lord Bellenden, Lord Treasurer Depute, in favour of William Selkirk, &c., to Eat Flesh in Forbidden Times, February 1665. From the Original in the Musaeum. (pp 561-562)
PDF 48 Kb
Address of One Hundred and Two chief Heritors and Heads of Clans in the Highlands of Scotland to King George I. From the Original in the Musaeum. (pp 562-565)
PDF 189 Kb
On Agricola's Engagement with the Caledonians, under their Leader Galgacus. (pp 565-569)
Barclay, Robert
PDF 428 Kb
Excerpts from Tacitus's Life of Agricola. (pp 569-570)
PDF 76 Kb

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