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Contents of the RECAP Archive:

Bremetenacum, Excavations at Roman Ribchester - Oxford Archaeology North
"Ribchester (Bremetenacum), on the northern edge of the Ribble flood plain, has been known as a major Roman establishment since the time of Leland, and was also noted by Camden and Stukley. It is famous for the discovery of a fine Roman cavalry parade helmet, now in the British Museum, and frequent excavations have taken place during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The excavations which are reported in this volume were undertaken in 1980 and 1989-90, prior to the use of an extensive area to the north of the fort as an extension to the cemetery of St Wilfred's church and the redevelopment of the Ribblesdale Mill site at the northern edge of the town."

Chalgrove Manor, Harding's Field, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire - Oxford Archaeology:
"Archaeological investigations at Harding's Field, Chalgrove, revealed the remains of one of the most complete examples of a moated medieval manor yet excavated in England. Evidence of a pre-moat occupation dating from the first half of the 13th century, which may not have been seignorial, was succeeded in the mid 13th century by the construction of the moated manor house."

The Cluniac priory and abbey of St Saviour Bermondsey, Surrey: excavations 1984-95 - Museum of London Archaeology:
"Excavations by Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) on the site of the Cluniac priory and later abbey of St Saviour Bermondsey uncovered evidence for Middle and Late Saxon settlement, a small Late Saxon/ early Norman chapel, the development of the church and conventual buildings, and the reuse of the site following the Dissolution."

The eastern cemetery of Roman London: excavations 1983-1990 - Museum of London Archaeology:
"The project collated results from archaeological excavations conducted between 1983 and 1990 at different sites within an area covering about 12ha in the modern London Borough of Tower Hamlets, to the east of the City of London. A large Roman cemetery, or series of cemeteries produced 136 cremation burials and 550 inhumation burials, together with a further 165 features identified as disturbed burials, but without surviving human remains."

Thornhill Farm, Fairford, Gloucestershire - Oxford Archaeology:
"Between 1979 and 1989 the Oxford Archaeological Unit (now Oxford Archaeology) undertook extensive excavations of a late prehistoric cropmark complex Thornhill Farm, Fairford. They revealed a complete plan of a highly specialised agricultural unit consisting of a dense palimpsest of paddocks and larger enclosures. Ceramic evidence suggests that the earliest enclosures were dug during the middle Iron Age, and that the site continued to develop and be remodelled along similar lines through to the early Roman period"

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