The Rural Settlement of Roman Britain: an online resource

Martyn Allen, Nathan Blick, Tom Brindle, Tim Evans, Michael Fulford, Neil Holbrook, Julian D Richards, Alex Smith, 2015 (updated 2016)



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WMS Base Layers

Legend for Imperium Romanum

Digital map of the Roman Empire courtesy of Pelagios Project under a CC-BY license.

Ancient placename (major places) e.g. Herculaneum7
Ancient placename (all other places) e.g. Stabiae9
Ancient rivername e.g. Aufidus (repeated)6
Ancient lakename e.g. Lemannus7
Modern placename e.g. Terzigno9

Major settlement (capital, colonia, municipium)6
Major fort (legionary fortress)6
Major sanctuary or temple7
Settlement (civitas, vicus, other settlement)8
Fort (castrum, castellum)8
Road or coastal station8
Sanctuary or temple9
Monastery or church10
Mine, quarry or production10
Province, e.g. Raetia5-7
Major road5
Minor road7
Limes, citywall7
Perennial/Permanent lakes and rivers5
Non-Perennial/Intermittent/Fluctuating lakes and rivers8
5000 m 
4000 m 
3500 m 
3000 m 
2500 m 
2000 m 
1500 m 
1000 m 
500 m 
0 m 
Sea level (Coast lines are modern) 
Below sea level 

Legend for BGS Bedrock Lithology

Contains British Geological Survey materials © NERC 2015. For more information on the WMS Service see

Legend for BGS Superficial Geology

Contains British Geological Survey materials © NERC 2015. For more information on the WMS Service see

Legend for OS 50 Terrain

All OS Terrain 50 images are derived from Ordnance Survey data © Crown Copyright and database right 2014. For more information on the WMS Service see