The eastern cemetery of Roman London: excavations 1983-1990

Bruno Barber, David Bowsher, 2009

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David Bowsher
Director of Research
Museum of London Archaeology
Mortimer Wheeler House
46 Eagle Wharf Road
N1 7ED
Tel: 020 7410 2285

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Environmental Reports
ADavis plant remains archive rep PDF 201 Kb
KRielly animal bone archive rep PDF 360 Kb
Environmental Reports - Plant remains by site
botanical report HOO88 PDF 79 Kb
charred plant remains ceramicvessel cremations HOO88 PDF 36 Kb
charred plant remains misc features HOO88 PDF 33 Kb
charred plant remains pit cremations HOO88 PDF 43 Kb
charred plant remains spreadsI HOO88 PDF 40 Kb
charred plant remains spreadsII HOO88 PDF 38 Kb
charred plant remains spreadsIII HOO88 PDF 40 Kb
plant remains HAY86 PDF 46 Kb
plant remains MSL87 PDF 54 Kb
plant remains PRE89 PDF 46 Kb
plant remains SCS83 PDF 56 Kb
plant remains WTE90 PDF 53 Kb
Finds Reports
AWardle reg finds assessment rep PDF 194 Kb
IBetts building material archive rep PDF 206 Kb
RSymonds pottery archive rep 01 PDF 272 Kb
RSymonds pottery archive report 02 PDF 110 Kb
Human Bone Reports
cremation archive tab6 PDF 302 Kb
inhumation archive tables 1of6 PDF 782 Kb
inhumation archive tables 2of6 PDF 684 Kb
inhumation archive tables 3of6 PDF 1 Mb
inhumation archive tables 4of6 PDF 150 Kb
inhumation archive tables 5of6 PDF 1 Mb
inhumation archive tables 6of6 PDF 1 Mb
JConheeney inhumation archive rep PDF 370 Kb
JMcKinley cremation archive rep PDF 950 Kb
Human Bone - Additional Tables
cremation archive pyre tab CSV
cremation archive pyre tab
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
8 Kb
cremation archive tab1 CSV
cremation archive tab1
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
38 Kb
cremation archive tab2 CSV
cremation archive tab2
[DOWNLOAD] right-click and save link
15 Kb
Matrix Files
ETN88 relationships PDF 24 Kb
hay86 relationships PDF 23 Kb
HOO88 relationships PDF 119 Kb
MNL88 relationships PDF 22 Kb
MSL87 relationships PDF 140 Kb
MST87 relationships PDF 50 Kb
PRE89 relationships PDF 22 Kb
relationship files DOCUMENTATION PDF 43 Kb
SCS83 relationships PDF 29 Kb
TTL85 relationships PDF 20 Kb
WTE90 relationships PDF 46 Kb
Post Excavation Assessment Report
PX assessment cover PDF 40 Kb
PX assessment text PDF 436 Kb
Stratigraphic Reports
ETN88 LIII archive report PDF 371 Kb
ETN88 summary PDF 68 Kb
HAY86 LIII archive report add PDF 60 Kb
HAY86 LIII archive report pt1 PDF 374 Kb
HAY86 LIII archive report pt2 PDF 493 Kb
HAY86 summary PDF 71 Kb
HOO88 LIII archive report PDF 4 Mb
HOO88 summary PDF 59 Kb
list of sites PDF 113 Kb
MNL87 assessment notes PDF 83 Kb
MNL88 summary PDF 67 Kb
MSL87 LIII archive report PDF 3 Mb
MSL87 summary PDF 67 Kb
MST87 archive report PDF 934 Kb
MST87 summary PDF 69 Kb
PRE89 LIII archive report PDF 342 Kb
PRE89 summary PDF 64 Kb
SCS83 archive report PDF 617 Kb
SCS83 summary PDF 69 Kb
TTL85 summary PDF 69 Kb
TTL87 archive report PDF 92 Kb
WTE LIII archive report PDF 927 Kb
WTE90 summary PDF 69 Kb
WTN84 summary PDF 70 Kb

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