M. W Pitts, ed., (2008). Brit Archaeol (1357-4442) 99. York: Council for British Archaeology.

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Brit Archaeol (1357-4442) 99
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British Archaeology
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Mike W Pitts
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Council for British Archaeology
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22 Feb 2008
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Mike W Pitts
6 - 7
Short items about various archaeological news, including
note on some pottery with close parallels in the Netherlands, found during excavation of a group of Early Bronze Age burials near Kilmartin, Scotland
on the campaign to prevent cuts in funding of the Portable Antiquities Scheme
Margaret Hodge
Ed Vaizey
Mike Parker-Pearson
Christopher Young
Nick Kendall-Carpenter
Timothy C Darvill
Jenny Blain
Robert J Wallis
Andrew Lawson
Mike Heyworth
10 - 15
Following the news that the Stonehenge roads project is to be scrapped, selected politicians, archaeologists, heritage professionals and authors on Stonehenge give their comments; with an introduction by Mike Pitts on the background to the decision.
John Gribble
16 - 21
The article tells the story of the SS Mendi, which sank in 1917 with the loss of 649 lives, most of them black South African labourers en route to the battle front in France. The wreck lies more or less complete on the sea bed off the Isle of Wight; it has no legal protection, and is not designated a war grave. Since 1974 it is believed that numerous artefacts from the wreck have been removed and dispersed. The author aims to raise awareness of the Mendi's story, and that of the 300,000 foreign labourers employed by Britain during the World War I.
Mick A Aston
22 - 25
As part of the `Mick's travels' series, the author describes the archaeological landscape of the northern part of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia (modern-day Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire). In particular, the impact of Christianity during the early medieval period is discussed. Includes
Jon Cannon
24 - 25
introduction and itinerary of the most noteworthy archaeological sites in Derbyshire
Philip Crummy
Nina Crummy
Ralph Jackson
Ulrich Sch├Ądler
28 - 33
Article on a series of unique graves excavated between 1987 and 2003 in a gravel quarry at Stanway, near Colchester, Essex. Study of the finds is now finished, indicating that the graves belonged to high-status Britons at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain. One grave, containing a unique game board with pieces in place, divining rods and a set of medical equipment, is thought to have been that of a Druid.
Helen Bradley
Tom Dawson
Olivia Lelong
34 - 37
The authors describe a community archaeology project on Unst, Shetland, which surveyed, excavated and recorded a late prehistoric (Iron Age) cellular stone dwelling exposed by coastal erosion at Sandwick, before reconstructing the dwelling on site for permanent display.
38 - 39
Articles on websites of interest to archaeologists and those with an interest in archaeology, including
Caroline R Wickham-Jones
short article on various sites offering free or subscription-based access to archaeological literature
Stephen P Burrow
Sian Williams
short article on the National Museum of Wales database of radiocarbon dates from Wales and adjacent English counties
Imogen Holmes-Roe
40 - 41
Article on a photographic exhibition recording images of the coal mining industry.
Andy Young
41 - 45
Article on the carved and often decorated stone balls, thought to be Later Neolithic in date, found primarily in Aberdeenshire, Orkney and Perthshire. The author describes attempts to replicate the balls, and speculates on their possible meaning and uses.
Bruce Watson
46 - 47
The author describes his experiences of public lecturing to a wide variety of audiences.
Mike W Pitts
48 - 51
A tribute to the archaeologists and those in related professions or otherwise involved in archaeology who passed away in 2007; including exerpts from published obituaries of Magnus Magnusson; Kenneth Steer; John Smith; William Watson; Peter Ucko; Gale Sieveking; Robina McNeil; and Howard Colvin.
Karol Kulik
Angela Piccini
56 - 57
The article looks at the story of the BBC2 television series Under Fire, originally broadcast in 2003, which highlighted the impact of war and political oppression on cultural heritage and identity.
Mike Heyworth
64 - 65
Article on the inauguration of the March Archaeology Award, to be given to a community archaeology group in order to ``recognise and promote high quality archaeological work being carried out by the community archaeology sector''. Some of the projects shortlisted for the award in 2008 are described.
Neil Oliver
The author presents a personal account of his combined careers in archaeology and in television journalism.