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Primary Contact: Jane Brann
Associated OrganisationDumfries and Galloway Archaeological Service
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Year of Publication (Start): 2007
Year of Publication (End): 2013
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A J Nicholson
Watching brief during excavation of new cycleway within scheduled area, just outwith the main defensive ditch to the NE of the castle.
A Nicholson
Three 1m square evaluation trenches were excavated adjacent to the north wall of the churchyard, to inform a programme of works for the dismantling and re-instatement of the wall. A single 19th century inhumation was uncovered, along with later medieval deposits evidencing disarticulated human skeletal remains.
A J Nicholson
Excavation of a trench through the line of the Roman road, in advance of road works. Examination of a potential linear feature and peat-cutting beds to the NNE of the road crossing.
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