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A total of 68 archives are currently available.

High Farm, Halton Holegate, Lincolnshire.
Project number: 811
Collection doi:10.5284/1038413 Collection ID: 1002171
River Sow Improvement Scheme, The Mill, Mill Bank, Stafford.
Project number: 947
Collection doi:10.5284/1038422 Collection ID: 1002172
Hawkesley Farm Moat, Longbridge, Birmingham: Archaeological Watching Brief.
Project number: 1141
Collection doi:10.5284/1038411 Collection ID: 1002173
Archaeological Assessment of Wood End Farm, Sutton Road, Walsall.
Project number: 1184
Collection doi:10.5284/1038407 Collection ID: 1002174
Shrewsbury Abbey, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire: An Archaeological Investigation 2004.
Project number: 1206
Collection doi:10.5284/1038423 Collection ID: 1002175
Old Police House, Rocester, Staffordshire: Archaeological Evaluation 2006.
Project number: 1480
Collection doi:10.5284/1038430 Collection ID: 1002176
Granary Wharf, Leeds: A Programme of Archaeological Investigations 2007.
Project number: 1551
Collection doi:10.5284/1038410 Collection ID: 1002177
Longdales Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham: An Archaeological Evaluation 2007.
Project number: 1552
Collection doi:10.5284/1038419 Collection ID: 1002178
Land at 22 Coten End, Warwick.
Project number: 1662
Collection doi:10.5284/1038414 Collection ID: 1002179
Land off Pershore Road, Eckington, Worcestershire: Archaeological Excavation 2007.
Project number: 1676
Collection doi:10.5284/1038415 Collection ID: 1002180
86 The Green, Kings Norton: Archaeological Excavation.
Project number: 1701
Collection doi:10.5284/1038406 Collection ID: 1002182
Land off Queen Street and Meeting Street, Wednesbury, Sandwell; An Archaeological Evaluation 2007.
Project number: 1709
Collection doi:10.5284/1038416 Collection ID: 1002183
Land to the Rear of the Three Tuns Public House, Long Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire: an archaeological evaluation and watching brief 2008.
Project number: 1762
Collection doi:10.5284/1038417 Collection ID: 1002184
Character Appraisal Study and Boundary Review of Factory Locks Conservation Area, Tipton.
Project number: 1763
Collection doi:10.5284/1038408 Collection ID: 1002185
High Bullen Service Station, Wednesbury: Archaeological Investigations, 2008.
Project number: 1827
Collection doi:10.5284/1038412 Collection ID: 1002186
Cobbs Lane, Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire: Archaeological Evaluation.
Project number: 1981
Collection doi:10.5284/1038409 Collection ID: 1002187
St. Mary's Church, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire: Archaeological Evaluation 2009.
Project number: 1982
Collection doi:10.5284/1038424 Collection ID: 1002189
Lea Quarries, Much Wenlock, Shropshire: Archaeological Record and Heritage Assessment.
Project number: 2002
Collection doi:10.5284/1038418 Collection ID: 1002190
Ward Block 10, Heartlands Hospital, Bordesley Green East, Birmingham, West Midlands: Historic Building Record.
Project number: 2045
Collection doi:10.5284/1038425 Collection ID: 1002191
Wroxeter Roman Vineyard, Wroxeter, Shropshire: Archaeological Evaluation 2010.
Project number: 2051
Collection doi:10.5284/1038427 Collection ID: 1002192
Netherwood Lodge Farm, Arbour Tree Lane, Chadwick End, Solihull: Archaeological Watching Brief 2010.
Project number: 2066
Collection doi:10.5284/1038432 Collection ID: 1002193
West Bromwich Town Centre, Sandwell: Archaeological Evaluation, 2010.
Project number: 2128
Collection doi:10.5284/1038426 Collection ID: 1002198
Much Park Street, Coventry: Phase 2 Archaeological Evaluation.
Project number: 2130
Collection doi:10.5284/1038420 Collection ID: 1002199
Redhill Marina, Ratcliffe on Soar, Nottinghamshire. A Programme of Archaeological Investigations.
Project number: PN0847
Collection doi:10.5284/1046282 Collection ID: 1002849
Shardlow Quarry, Derbyshire. A Programme of Archaeological Investigations.
Project number: PN 0691
Collection doi:10.5284/1046284 Collection ID: 1002855
Life, Work and Death in Birmingham, AD 1100-1900.
Project number: PN 1611
Collection doi:10.5284/1046277 Collection ID: 1002857
Connecting Derby. A Programme of Archaeological Investigations.
Project number: PN 1169
Collection doi:10.5284/1046274 Collection ID: 1002859
Cambridge Street, Birmingham. A Programme of Archaeological Investigations.
Project number: PN 1517
Collection doi:10.5284/1045779 Collection ID: 1002860
Shannon's Mill, Walsall. A Programme of Archaeological Investigations.
Project number: PN 1384
Collection doi:10.5284/1046283 Collection ID: 1002861
Metchley Roman Forts. A Programme of Archaeological Investigations.
Project number: PN 0590
Collection doi:10.5284/1046281 Collection ID: 1002862
Banbury Town Centre Redevelopment Project. A Programme of Archaeological Investigations.
Project number: PN 0609
Collection doi:10.5284/1045780 Collection ID: 1002866
Catesby Business Park, Balby Carr, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Archaeological Excavation.
Project number: PN 895.3
Collection doi:10.5284/1045781 Collection ID: 1002867
Little Paxton, Diddington, Cambridgeshire. Archaeological Evaluation 2004.
Project number: PN 1229
Collection doi:10.5284/1046278 Collection ID: 1002886
Former Lace Works, Emerys Road, Gedling, Nottinghamshire. Archaeological Building Recording.
Project number: PN 1259
Collection doi:10.5284/1046276 Collection ID: 1002887
Excavations at Moat House, Chasewood Lodge, Exhall, Warwickshire 2005.
Project number: PN 1337
Collection doi:10.5284/1045784 Collection ID: 1002890
Archaeological Excavation at St. Mary's Gate / Warser Gate, Nottingham.
Project number: PN 1347
Collection doi:10.5284/1045782 Collection ID: 1002891
Fieldwalking at Stockings Farm, Arnold, Nottinghamshire.
Project number: PN 1349
Collection doi:10.5284/1046275 Collection ID: 1002892
Littleton Arms and adjacent buildings, Walsall. Desk-based Assessment and Building Recording.
Project number: PN 1482
Collection doi:10.5284/1046279 Collection ID: 1002895
Bluntington Farm House, Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire. Historic Building Recording and Interpretation.
Project number: PN 1647
Collection doi:10.5284/1045785 Collection ID: 1002900
Lune Mill, Lancaster. Historic Building Recording.
Project number: PN 1684
Collection doi:10.5284/1046280 Collection ID: 1002903
Beaudesert Hall, Beaudesert Park, Staffordshire. Historic Building Recording.
Project number: PN 1699
Collection doi:10.5284/1045786 Collection ID: 1002905
Wellhead Lane, Perry Barr, Birmingham: Archaeological Excavation.
Project number: PN 1812
Collection doi:10.5284/1046263 Collection ID: 1002929
Westgate Area 1, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Archaeological Excavation.
Project number: PN 1881
Collection doi:10.5284/1045800 Collection ID: 1002930
Coalbournhill Glassworks, Amblecote, Dudley MBC. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and Evaluation.
Project number: PN 1859
Collection doi:10.5284/1046262 Collection ID: 1002932
Wivenhoe House, Wivenhoe Park, University of Essex, Colchester, Essex. Historic Building Recording.
Project number: PN 1917
Collection doi:10.5284/1045794 Collection ID: 1002935
Wixoe to Kirtling Green Pipeline. Archaeological Evaluation.
Project number: PN 1969
Collection doi:10.5284/1046266 Collection ID: 1002949
Abberton to Wormingford Pipeline route: Colchester Borough. Archaeological Evaluation.
Project number: PN 2018
Collection doi:10.5284/1045795 Collection ID: 1002951
46-56 and 80 New Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands. Historic Building Recording.
Project number: PN 2107
Collection doi:10.5284/1045799 Collection ID: 1002954
Tesco, Stourport-on-Severn. Archaeological Evaluation.
Project number: PN 2114
Collection doi:10.5284/1046267 Collection ID: 1002955
St Thomas Street / Chapman's Yard, Scarborough. A programme of Archaeological Investigations.
Project number: PN 977
Collection doi:10.5284/1046271 Collection ID: 1002956