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Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
Volume: 10.3 (1903)

Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 10.3 (1903)- Cover

Table of Contents

A supposed Romano-British settlement at Odsey.
Mr H. G. Fordham (pp. 169-173)
PDF 432 Kb
The Potter's field at Horningsea. Part I.
Professor Hughes (pp. 174-194)
PDF 1 Mb
A Roman Potter's field near Jesus College.
Professor Hughes (pp. 194-196)
PDF 407 Kb
A box of weights and scales for testing moidores.
Professor Hughes (pp. 197-198)
PDF 245 Kb
A Kaffir pillow with a handle.
Professor Hughes (pp. 199-199)
PDF 212 Kb
Nottingham Stone-ware and Sgraffiato ware.
Dr J. W. L. Glaisher (pp. 199-202)
PDF 357 Kb
Delft Pharmaceutical ware.
Mr W. A. Harding (pp. 202-209)
PDF 806 Kb
Visit to Coptic Monasteries of Egypt.
Mrs Lewis (pp. 210-215)
PDF 460 Kb
The Sepulchral Brass of St Henry of Finland.
Dr M. R. James (pp. 215-222)
PDF 978 Kb
A legend of St Stephen.
Dr M. R. James (pp. 222-230)
PDF 585 Kb
St Urith of Chittlehampton.
Dr M. R. James (pp. 230-234)
PDF 401 Kb
The War-ditches near Cherryhinton.
Professor Hughes (pp. 234-237)
PDF 359 Kb
Earthworks at Boxworth and Knapwell.
Professor Hughes (pp. 237-240)
PDF 343 Kb
Village of Romanized-Britons between Chesterton and Milton.
Professor Hughes (pp. 240-241)
PDF 257 Kb
Modifications of design on an Indian Cloth.
Professor Hughes (pp. 241-242)
PDF 258 Kb
The Explorations of Dr M. A. Stein in Chinese Turkestan.
Mr E. J. Rapson (pp. 242-243)
PDF 263 Kb
The Evolution of the Cart.
Dr A. C. Haddon (pp. 244-244)
PDF 202 Kb
The Remains of the Dog near Cambridge.
Professor Hughes (pp. 245-249)
PDF 415 Kb
On ancient Horse-shoes.
Professor Hughes (pp. 249-258)
PDF 744 Kb
A Turf-parer from Westmoreland.
Professor Hughes (pp. 258-259)
PDF 287 Kb
A pre-Christian cross from Northern Ireland.
Dr A. C. Haddon (pp. 259-260)
PDF 285 Kb
Stages and rejests in Stone implements, at Piny Branch, Washington.
Dr A. C. Haddon (pp. 260-261)
PDF 268 Kb
Recent excavations in the Market-Place, Cambridge.
Professor Hughes (pp. 261-262)
PDF 266 Kb
Annual General Meeting.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 263-264)
PDF 239 Kb
A legend of St Stephen.
Dr M. R. James (pp. 264-264)
PDF 202 Kb
Annual Report of the Council for 1901-1902.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 265-268)
PDF 370 Kb
County History Committee.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 269-270)
PDF 240 Kb
New Members elected.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 271-271)
PDF 186 Kb
Summary of Accounts, 1901.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 272-272)
PDF 236 Kb
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 273-285)
PDF 763 Kb
Additions to the Library.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 286-291)
PDF 332 Kb
List of Officers and Council, 1902-1903.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 292-292)
PDF 202 Kb

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Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. 4 July, 1901, to 7 August, 1902. With Communications made to the society. No. XLIII. Being No. 3 of the tenth volume. (Fourth Volume of the New Series.) [Complete Volume] PDF 6 Mb