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[online resource] Cox, C. (2003)'Aerial photographic assessment: Ripple Quarry, Worcestershire, CGMS Consulting Job no 3871'.
PDF   (28MB) Anon (2004)'Tesco Store, Watermill Lane, Horncastle, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Desk top assessment'.
PDF   (2MB) Maloney, C. Orton, C. (2006)'London Archaeologist'.
PDF   (1MB) Francis, K. (2007)'Report on an archaeological watching brief, Land at The Former Church Hall Site, Church Street, Sutton-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire '. 8526/07/02
PDF   (5MB) Bennett-Samuels, M. (2007)'Archaeological Desk Based Assessment. Land at St John's Narborough, Leicestershire'. 8093/07/01
PDF   (7MB) Bennett- Samuels, M. (2007)'Archaeological Desk Based Assessment, Land at Craighill Nurseries, Knighton, Leiceswter'. 8304/07/1
PDF   (25MB) Anon (2007)'Land between Langham, Anderby and Chapel St Leonards'.
PDF   (36MB) Lewis R (2009)'Birch's Terrace, Station Street, Ashbourne, Derbyshire'. RML/PRG/10996
PDF   (46MB) Roseveare, M.J. (2009)'Holland Park, Spalding, Lincolnshire. Geophysical Survey Report'.
PDF   (12MB) Hawkins, D. (2009)'Land at Rowes Farm, Aish Road, Stoke Gabriel, Devon TQ9 6RT'.
PDF   (638KB) Hawkins, D. (2009)'An Archaeological Monitoring Exercise at Salts Avenue, Loose, nr Maidstone, Kent'.
PDF   (2MB) Smith, R. and Lillie, M. (2011)'Geoarchaeological Investigation. Land at May Farm Littleport Cambridgeshire'.
PDF   (8MB) Stronach, S. (2012)'Stronvar Garden Cottage, Stronvar, Balquhidder: Report on Archaeological Standing Building Recording'.
PDF   (12MB) Smith, M. (2013)'Archaeological Desk Based Assessment, land at Coomb Shute, Stoke Gabriel, Devon'.
PDF   (26MB) Stronach, S. (2013)'Former Barnton Hotel, 562 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh: Report on Archaeological Standing Building Recording'. 14703
PDF   (7MB) Hannah Smalley (2013)'Archaeological Desk-based Assessment'. 15411
PDF   (3MB) Gidman, J. (2013)'Archaeological Desk-based Assessment; Batson Cross, Salcombe, Devon'. JG/15397
PDF   (5MB) Shepherd, N. (2013)'Archaeological Desk-based Assessment; Land Near Yealmpton, Plymouth, Devon'. WB/15737
PDF   (22MB) Roper-Pressdee, S. Smalley, H. (2014)'Heritage Statement, Land off Palm Cross Green, Modbury, Devon'.
PDF   (3MB) Thomas, N. (2016)'Land at Willand, Devon'.
PDF   (10MB) Bethel, P. and Thomas, N. (2016)'Land at Knowle Lane, Cullompton Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'.

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