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Greenwall Lane Railway Bridge

Coombeshead Farm

5 New HLC's

Palm Cross Green

An Imperial Frontier and its Landscape

Exeter Skypark

Church Wilne Deserted Medieval Settlement

South Yeo Farmhouse

Expanding the Neighbourhood Plan


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ISSUE 37: Human Exploitation of Aquatic Landscapes

Beneath Still Waters

4200 New Shell Mound Sites in the Southern Red Sea

Fishing and Fish Consumption in the Swahili Communities of East Africa

The 'Wretched Poor' and the Sea

Direct Evidence for Bottom-fishing in Archaeological Whelks

Shellfish from the Bronze Age Site of Clos des Chataigniers

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Data Papers

Internet Archaeology Logo Now Fully Open Access
Internet Archaeology is pleased to announce that it has become a fully open access journal. From this month Internet Archaeology's 130 institutional subscribers from the UK, USA, Australia and Europe will no longer have to pay the £160 a year subscription and the £7 charge for individual articles is also being scrapped, making Internet Archaeology one of the first journals to transition from a subscription model to full open access. Several things have spurred this decision....read more.
Internet Archaeology and the Archaeology Data Service have teamed up to provide an Award that recognises the outstanding archaeological research being carried out through the re-use of digital data. The Digital Data Re-use Award offers archaeological researchers the chance to promote their work and win the opportunity to publish, free of charge, in the premier open access journal Internet Archaeology....read more.
Data Repository Cartoon
The ADS, supported by funding from the Archives and Records Association, has recently revamped our Guidelines for Depositors. The revamp reviewed the current ADS guidelines on digital archive deposition and developed updated guidance policies for depositors in light of the recent revisions to the Guides to Good Practice and the development of ADS-easy. The revision to the ADS Guidelines for Depositors has produced a new user friendly interface designed after detailed consultation with users on the most intuitive and instructive way to present the guidelines....read more.
Over the summer holiday period we've continued to work away at trying to make sense of the results of the range of surveys we undertook earlier in the year. While completion of the reports is still a work in progress we wanted to give you a sneak preview into the results and the way in which it was forming out ideas about a new model for OASIS. The survey results have reinforced a few things that we already suspected....read more.
HERALD update diagram
The consistency and integrity of data is essential for any digital archive. Therefore, for the past few months we have been running a series of programs to test the consistency of our file system and database and try to identify any other problems. This work started when we decided to develop a program to test all the checksums in our file system. The idea was to run the program every few months in order identify any checksums which had changed since the last run....read more.
This term ADS are pleased to welcome Fabrizio Galeazzi, a new Marie Curie post doctoral fellow, who will be working with us and Centre for Digital Heritage....read more.
Fabrizio 3D laser scanning in Belize

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