New Guidelines for ADS Depositors

data_repositoryThe ADS, supported by funding from the Archives and Records Association, has recently revamped our Guidelines for Depositors.

The revamp reviewed the current ADS guidelines on digital archive deposition and developed updated guidance policies for depositors in light of the recent revisions to the Guides to Good Practice and the development of ADS-easy.

The revision to the ADS Guidelines for Depositors has produced a new user friendly interface designed after detailed consultation with users on the most intuitive and instructive way to present the guidelines.

whyThe new guidelines emphasise the importance of digital archiving and good data management throughout the lifecycle of a project and include information on; choosing the most suitable method of depositing data for your project, archive costs, metadata and file format requirements. The new Guidelines for Depositors  have also been systematically linked to the Guides to Good Practice and new training materials, that instruct depositors on how to correctly prepare data for deposition, have been created. Including new metadata templates, workflow diagrams and checklists.

The new guidelines will hopefully be an essential tool for ADS depositors and are already receiving positive feedback.  We believe that this update to the Guidelines for Depositors will improve and widen education, training and professional development in the archives domain and be an excellent resource on data management for all data depositors and digital archivists working in the sector and beyond.

Take a look at the new Guidelines for Depositors today!