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Instructions for Depositors

Our Instructions for Depositors detail the ADS requirements for depositing your data. These instructions include how to structure your dataset, name your files and compile your metadata. It is important that data are correctly prepared before deposition with ADS as data cleaning can take a digital archivist a lot of time and can lead to higher deposit charges.

See our Data Management Pages for more guidance on Data Managment Planning including how to compile a Data Management Plan, identifying quality Metadata, Accessible Data Requirements and Data Selection Guidance. Data creation advice for archaeological data types can be found in our Guides to Good Practice, which address the preservation of data resulting from discipline specific archaeological data collection, processing and analysis techniques around the world.

If you are unsure if your dataset falls within the collecting remit of the ADS please refer the ADS Collections Policy.

These Instructions for Depositors were previously known as the ADS Guidelines for Depositors. These pages were last updated 30th January 2022.