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Image metadata

Adam Barnes, Kieron Niven (Ed.), Archaeology Data Service / Digital Antiquity, Guides to Good Practice

Entry Description
For each group of images
Project name Same as Project Name in Project metadata.
Number of images Total number of images submitted for archival.
File name for planimetric sketch or map File name and extension. Should include outline of subject and surrounding objects (if any), indicated location and orientation of each image (using a “V” symbol), and other special comments and/or observations.
Camera calibration file Reference to the camera calibration specifics in Camera metadata
Additional notes Any additional notes the surveyor feels applicable. Could list images containing control and/or scaling references.
For each image
Image file name File name and extension.
Textural description of location and orientation Should describe general location (e.g. north side) and camera to subject orientation (e.g. view to south).
Format conversions (if any) List of format conversions performed on the digital images and the software used.