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Training in data management and digital archive for data creators in Academic Research

The ADS is able to offer bespoke training to research organisations and practitioners in data management and digital archiving as part of archaeological research projects. As part of the digital infrastructure funding from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) the ADS is committed to undertake a training programme for data creators to ensure that future data sets are created with digital archiving needs in mind.

The ADS also provides advice for grant applicants including AHRC, NERC and NLHF applicants. Please see the Advice for grant applicants page for more information.

Examples of training topics that we can cover include:

  • The importance of preserving digital research data in a Trusted repository
  • Data management plans and research grant applications
  • Data management planning for research projects
  • The FAIR and CARE data principles
  • Selection and Retention of research datasets
  • Depositing data with the ADS including special interfaces

If you or your institution are interested in receiving training by the ADS please contact us to discuss your needs. We are prepared to create a bespoke training programme for your individual needs.
Information about forthcoming UKRI courses can be found in our list of events.