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Model metadata

Adam Barnes, Kieron Niven (Ed.), Archaeology Data Service / Digital Antiquity, Guides to Good Practice

The following entries could be entered individually or contained within one text file.

Entry Description
Name and version of the software Include all details of the software name, manufacturer, and version used.
RMSE values Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) for control and check point measurements, indicating whether the RMSE is for control points only, check points only, or all points.
Constraints on object points List of constraints used during processing.
For each point:
Point type Tie, Control, or Check point.
XYZ priori and a priori XYZ coordinates before and after bundle adjustment (control and check points only).
Covariance matrix a priori If available, provide the covariance matrix.
Image coordinates and residuals A list of images on which the point is indicated. For each image on the list, provide the uv coordinates and residual.
For each image:
Exterior orientation List exterior orientation parameters for each image.