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Project metadata

Adam Barnes, Kieron Niven (Ed.), Archaeology Data Service / Digital Antiquity, Guides to Good Practice

The metadata elements presented in this Metadata groups section can also be downloaded in a spreadsheet format as xlsx or ods files.

Element Description
Title The project name or name for the dataset
Description The original purpose for the survey work.
Subject Keywords for the subject content of the dataset (qualified using e.g. the English Heritage NMR Monument Type Thesaurus or the MDA Object Type Thesaurus.
Coverage Site location and description. The address, or coordinates for the site and a description of the site and object or structure to be surveyed. Coverage should also include any relevant period terms.
Creators Full name and organization(s) of the surveyor(s)
Identifiers Project or reference numbers used to identify the dataset.
Dates Date or dates that the survey was conducted in both the field and/or lab.
Intended accuracy or scale of the survey The originally intended accuracy or scale that the survey was to achieve.
Description of reference information used Describe any existing reference information available to the surveyor(s), including paper plans or digital spatial data of the site or object.
Additional project notes Any additional project notes that the surveyor feels applicable.