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Help & guidance ADS-easy instructions for use

Maps and plans

This page provides some additional guidance on completing in the metadata form for your maps and plans data. Detailed information on the specific requirements for each metadata field are available from the ‘i’ icons within the metadata form.  Fields marked with an * are mandatory fields and must be entered otherwise the form cannot be submitted. Other fields are optional and should be completed where appropriate.

We ask that the information provided here is as accurate as possible as this information will form part of the metadata record for your file.

If possible when depositing maps and plans we ask that files are accompanied by information that documents all layers or drawing conventions used within the drawing. If this is supplied then an additional file should be uploaded through the ‘supporting documentation’ section which documents layers and conventions used. This can be uploaded in .doc, .docx or .pdf format. If the drawings uses a recognised standard then document that standard in the field provided. If the map or plan utilises conventions that are stored or deposited elsewhere then document this information in the field provided. If the layer and convention information is not supplied with the archive then mark it as such in the appropriate field.