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Martina Trognitz, (IANUSDeutsches Archäologisches Institut – DAI), Kieron Niven, Archaeology Data Service.
Valentijn Gilissen (Data Archiving and Networked Services – DANS), with additional contributions from Ruth Beusing (DAI), Bruno Fanini (CNR), Kate Fernie (2Culture Associates), Roberto Scopigno (CNR), Seta Stuhec (OEAW), and Benjamin Štular (ZRC-SAZU), Archaeology Data Service / Digital Antiquity (2016), Guides to Good Practice

Selection of 3D data for archiving should be done within the context of the wider data workflow and include a consideration of points at which data are created, collected, or significantly changed. This is discussed generally within the Guides to Good Practice section on Data Selection: Preservation Intervention Points but, where data results from specific collection techniques such as laser scanning and photogrammetry, it is advised that these separate guides’ sections on data workflows, selection and retention are consulted (e.g. see section 1 of the Laser Scanning guide, section 2 of the Photogrammetry guide).