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Description of final deliverables and archival preparation

Angie Payne, Kieron Niven (Ed.), Archaeology Data Service / Digital Antiquity, Guides to Good Practice

For each digital artifact, a high resolution, full color polygonal mesh was created and published in the OBJ format. Additional low resolution meshes (25000 triangles) were created and published in three standard formats: OBJ, VRML and PDF. A digital video was also created showcasing the 3D artifact from multiple directions. Additional digital images and descriptions are also provided. All of the datasets and information described here are available on the Virtual Hampson Museum website.

screenshot of the homepage of the Virtual Hampson Museum website
Figure 15: The Virtual Hampson Museum website

For each artifact, the following datasets were selected for archival:

  • Original scans with Project and Scan Level Metadata
  • Registered dataset with Registration Metadata
  • PreMesh dataset with PreMesh Metadata
  • Mesh dataset with Mesh Metadata
  • Decimated mesh dataset with decimated mesh metadata