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Current metadata and documentation standards

Adam Barnes, Kieron Niven (Ed.), Archaeology Data Service / Digital Antiquity, Guides to Good Practice

Various methods, metadata, and documentation standards for the collection and processing of CRP data (or in some cases for photographic documentation in general) have been published by a number of organizations. Many of these standards are summarized in existing documents and will be referenced throughout this guide. Significant examples include the English Heritage documents, Metric Survey Specifications for Cultural Heritage (Bryan, Blake and Bedford, 2009) and Minimum Requirements for Metric Use of Non-metric Photographic Documentation (D’Ayala and Smars, 2003), and the earlier document known as The 3×3 Rules for Simple Photogrammetric Documentation of Architecture (Walhausl and Ogleby, 1994).

For the purpose of this guide, standards outlined in these and other documents (from HABS/HAER, Getty, ICOMOS, etc.) will be restated with parameters for documentation specified and outlined for each step of a typical close-photogrammetric project. Please refer to the introductory section, About these guidelines, for information on the goals and appropriate uses of this particular guide.