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Help & guidance Instructions for Depositors

Deposition costs

The ADS is committed to providing open and free access to data. We therefore impose a one-off payment for deposition to safeguard the long-term future of the digital data.

Charges are based on:

  • A cost ‘per file’ with charges varying depending on the complexity of the file format,
  • A set ‘Start Up’ administration fee, which includes a standard interface,
  • Additional fees for any requested special interface requirements.

The ADS Depositor Charging Policy explains the charging methods and rates in full so that those preparing project applications or tenders for work are able to understand and justify appropriate costs for digital archiving.

Obtaining a quotation

If you wish to obtain a quotation for the deposit of a small to medium dataset that will be deposited by ADS-easy and disseminated via our standard interface you can use our ADS-easy Costing Calculator.

For all other quotations please contact our Collections Team to obtain a full costing.

Those requiring custom interfaces or submitting grant applicants are encouraged to contact us so that appropriate costing information can be provided.