ADS-easy is a faster way to deposit small to medium-sized project archives. If you upload your collection using ADS-easy, we will apply a discount to the charge we would normally make for our work. Find out more here.

By small to medium-sized archives we mean:

  • A maximum of 300 files of a standard type (text, images, spreadsheets, databases, GIS, CAD files and some geophysics)
  • Files in our accepted formats
  • Files less than 10MB in size
  • 10ha or fewer of resistivity or magnetometry data

The costing calculator on the ADS-easy pages can be used for archives of over 300 files, for deposition by traditional methods such as CD/DVD, USB, drop-off service etc. but a discount will not be applied. If you are uncertain about whether you should use ADS-easy please contact us and we can talk to you about the options. You can read more about ADS-easy here.


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For more information about ADS-easy, help with using ADS-easy and frequently asked questions click here.