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Help & guidance ADS-easy instructions for use

Creating a new project

Once logged into ADS-easy you can click on the create a ‘new project’ button to start a new deposition.

If you carrying out archaeological fieldwork as part of the commercial, research or volunteer sector within England, Scotland or Wales then you may have already entered similar metadata through the OASIS form.

This metadata can be used to pre-populate many of the project details fields within your deposition simply by selecting the ‘I have an OASIS ID‘ button and entering the OASIS ID (e.g. acarchae2-120404, wessexar1-96255, etc.).

If you do not have an OASIS ID please select the ‘I do not have an OASIS Id‘ button.

Creating a new projects FAQs

What is OASIS?

OASIS is a  online system for reporting archaeological investigations and linking research outputs and archives in the UK. Details of OASIS and the OASIS form can be found on the OASIS website.


What is an OASIS ID?

If you have already entered details for your project into OASIS then your project will have been given an OASIS ID, which is formed from your organisations prefix and followed by a number e.g. acarchae2-52671, yorkarch1-87126, etc.


I can't remember my OASIS ID

If you are unsure what the OASIS ID for you project is then you can log in to OASIS and search for it.