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Metadata and documentation

Kieron Niven, Archaeology Data Service / Digital Antiquity, Guides to Good Practice

As with other data formats, metadata for digital video provides key information on how the data has been created. In addition to generic project level metadata (as discussed in the Project Metadata section), specialised metadata should be recorded for digital video so that the nature of the file can be understood. It is key in this instance to notice that the core specialised metadata presented here ties in with the significant properties described above.

Specialised metadata

Element Description
Software, version and platform The software (or hardware if taken directly from a device) used to create the video.
Video Codec The name and version of video codec (where appropriate).
Video Dimension The video dimension (in pixels).
Frame Rate Frame rate per second (fps).
Bit rate The video bit rate.
Audio Codec Name and version of audio codec.
Audio Sample Frequency
Audio Bit-rate
Audio Channels Channels used e.g. Stereo
Length Length (hours, minutes, seconds) of file
File Size Size of the file in MB