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General considerations

Kieron Niven, Archaeology Data Service / Digital Antiquity, Guides to Good Practice

As outlined in the previous section, unlike common raster images such as photographs, many vector images are derived from data created or held in other applications such as CAD or GIS (which in turn is often derived from a range of data collection techniques such as geophysical survey or laser scanning). It is advised that if an image is derived from another dataset, e.g. a CAD file, then preservation of the original file should take precedence over the derived image. In many cases, derived vector images are frequently used for illustration purposes in documents such as project reports and so are also present elsewhere in a project dataset.

Where images have been created natively within a vector graphics package, or where a derived file (e.g. an illustration with added features e.g. descriptive text) is seen as being worth preserving in its own right, then the guidance in this chapter should be followed. The table below outlines a number of common formats used for the creation of vector images together with their suitability for use in the long-term preservation of the file.