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Management, preservation and publishing of digital data for archaeologists

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This course was run on the 7 & 8 September 2017 by ADS, Historic England and Leicester University.

Through a series of presentations, practical sessions and group discussions, this course explored the importance of digital preservation for the long term safety of archaeological data and provide practical guidance on how to prepare, curate, deposit and access digital data. We also provided guidance on data publishing online and introduce Linked Open Data for archaeology.

Course resources


Archive access practical

Archive Access Practical example archive

DMP practical

Data Management Plan example

DPC DMP checklist

ADS-easy Practical

Please use this link to access the new ADS-easy system.

ADS-easy Practical practical data set

ADS-easy 2.0 practical handbook

ADS-easy 1.0 handbook

ADS-easy Help

Exploring online data publications practical


Linked open data show and tell

Explore the following Websites that utilize LOD

Explore those sites publishing LOD.

  • Heritage Data
  • PeriodO
  • Getty Vocabularies as Linked Open Data Blog
  • Ordnance survey Linked Data website
  • British Museum Linked Data website
  • Linked Data creation tools

While exploring these websites think about the following questions:

  1. What LOD is each sites utilizing?
  2. Do you think the LOD used by each site is useful to a user?
  3. What site uses LOD the most effectively?
  4. Can you see a benefit to implementing any of the LOD seen in these examples in your own organisation?

LOD vocabulary mapping tool

Heritage Data Vocabulary Mapping Online Tool.

Additional resources and useful links