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ADS-easy instructions for use

These instructions are intended to give background and further information on specific areas of the ADS-easy system.

The ADS-easy system, developed by the ADS, allows depositors to upload digital content and associated metadata from archaeological fieldwork and research securely to the ADS, from where it can be added to the growing list of resources within the archive catalogue.

ADS-easy allows you to:

  • create and manage projects more effectively
  • generate project metadata as the basis of the resource discovery metadata
  • carry out selection and retention through adding and removing data according to specific criteria
  • generate costing information using the costing calculator
  • automate the creation of technical metadata
  • enhance data through the creation of file level metadata which can be created within the interface, or uploaded using a pre-populated template
  • submit your digital data to the ADS repository

ADS-easy offers significant advantages to depositors over traditional methods of archive creation and submission, allowing for:

  • data management from the outset of a project
  • implementation of time efficiency measures for both depositor and archive
  • flexibility in the creation of the digital archive
  • involvement in selection and retention
  • control over the costs and economics of deposition
  • security during the submission phase.