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Help & guidance Guides to Good Practice


Armin Schmidt and Eileen Ernenwein, 2nd edition, Archaeology Data Service / Digital Antiquity, Guides to Good Practice

The project report forms part of the archive (see Project report) and it is useful to provide some basic information also as metadata in tabular form.

Report title The title of the report that has been generated from the results of the survey should be included in the metadata.
Report reference number Contractors and researchers should annotate their report with a reference number. This could also be an ISBN, ISSN or DOI.
Report author All authors of the report should be listed.
Report holder It is important to provide the name and address of the organisation(s) or individual(s) from whom copies of the report, or data, may be requested. Often a copy of the report may be deposited with the relevant council office. In some cases permission may be required from client and surveyor to access the report and this information should be provided here.

The summary or abstract of the report is best stored in the project field Survey summary.