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Harrison Eiteljorg II, Kate Fernie, Jeremy Huggett and Damian Robinson, with additional contribution by Bernard Thomason. Revised by Stephen Dobson, Ruggero Lancia and Kieron Niven (2011), Archaeology Data Service / Digital Antiquity, Guides to Good Practice

This guide forms a revision of the Archaeology Data Service / Arts and Humanities Data Service CAD: A Guide to Good Practice (2002) publication. As such it is appropriate to acknowledge those who contributed to the original edition (though please note that organisational affiliations are likely to have changed).

The Arts and Humanities Data Service would like to offer sincere thanks to Autodesk and to the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (now English Heritage) for the financial contribution that they made in bringing this Guide to publication. Sincere thanks are also offered to those who have contributed to it by reviewing and commenting on draft versions. These people include:

  • Richard Beacham, University of Warwick
  • Adrian Brown, English Heritage
  • Rachel Edwards, Worcestershire Archaeological Service
  • Jim Everett, University of Glasgow
  • Mike Evans, English Heritage
  • Nigel Fradgley, English Heritage
  • William Kilbride, Archaeology Data Service
  • Gordon Malcolm, Museum of London Archaeology Service
  • Paul Miller, UKOLN
  • James Purcell, Autodesk
  • Julian Richards, Archaeology Data Service
  • Hinda Sklar, Architects’ Association
  • Laura Templeton, Worcestershire Archaeology Service
  • Keith Westcott, Archaeology Data Service
  • Alicia Wise, JISC
  • Thanks are due to Worcestershire Archaeological Service for permission to reproduce the figures in Section 2.4.1.

The authors and editors of this Guide would also like to extend their thanks to all those who have worked so hard to bring it to publication. These people include:

  • Tony Austin, Archaeology Data Service
  • Jo Clarke, Archaeology Data Service
  • Catherine Hardman, Archaeology Data Service
  • Val Kinsler, 100% Proof
  • Maureen Poulton, Archaeology Data Service