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Help & guidance ADS-easy instructions for use

Photographs and images

Photographs and raster image metadata can be inputted using an online form per image. This might be useful if you only have a few images file to deposit. However, to assist those uploading a large number of images you can download a spreadsheet from the Step 3: Edit metadata section. This can then be completed locally, and uploaded using the dedicated template uploader. 

When using the image uploader template particular attention should be paid to the filename which should match the full filename of the image that has been uploaded and include the file extension (i.e. York_Minster_1.jpg). If changes have been made to the filename, in order to adhere to the ADS’ file naming policy then these changes need to be replicated in the template.

All mandatory fields should be completed in order to move the file from pending to complete. If you make a mistake when entering metadata into the spreadsheet then you can update the spreadsheet offline and re-upload it. This will replace the previously uploaded metadata with that within the new spreadsheet.

Detailed information on the specific requirements for each metadata field are available from the ‘i’ icons within the metadata form. Fields marked with an (*) are mandatory fields and must be entered otherwise the form cannot be submitted. Other fields are optional and should be completed where appropriate.

We ask that the information provided here is as accurate as possible as this information will form part of the metadata record for your file. It is important that this information is entered correctly as it has ramifications for the creation of appropriate file level metadata. If it isn’t then it could result in a delay and a potential increase in cost, as we will have to contact you and ask for the correct metadata to be resubmitted.