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Contains seventeen papers, including contributions on ethnological evidence for trade; methodological considerations for evidence of trade in archaeological sources (B Sternquist), Pytheas on the amber trade (R Wenskus), Neo-BA trade in Central Europe (R Pittioni), trade and commerce in Early La Tène Central Europe (O-H Frey), Celtic trade in the written sources (D Timpe), Middle and Late La Tène trade in Central Europe (F Fischer), and Roman trade on the Rhine and Danube (H von Petrikovits).
H Jankuhn
W Schlesinger
H Steuer
In this two-volume collection of papers P V Addyman writes on Saxon Southampton (pp 218-28) and Martin Biddle on Winchester's development as an early capital (229-61). Other major towns treated include Dorestad, Köln, Trier, Hedeby, Kaupang, Birka, and the Bryggen in Bergen. There are also reports on Eketorp, Helgö and the Buraburg, and general papers on legal aspects and on the technical terms civitas, vicus, burg, wik etc.
H Jankuhn
Sixteen papers and introduction to a symposium at Reinhausen (Göttingen) in 1968 deal with sanctuaries and votive sites of later prehistoric and early historic date, almost wholly in Germanic and Scandinavian regions, but with bearing on possible British finds. Cf 71/1009. S P
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