Archaeological Records of Europe - Networked Access, Phase 2

Demonstrator Launched: ARENA2 Portal , October 2010

ARENA 2 WSDL specification available: ARENA2 WSDL , September 2010

ARENA 2 Kick off meeting held in the King's Manor, York, February 2009.

The ARENA portal has now been running more or less successfully since 2004. However, the underlying technologies have since been challenged by more sophisticated approaches to interoprtability. Under the auspices of both the European funded DARIAH and ACE projects the ADS is coordinating a second phase of the ARENA project which will take full advantage of web services and a SOA approach whilst demonstrating that other approaches (e.g. OAI PMH) can be integrated into this architecture.

The first meeting for ARENA 2 was held in King's Manor on the 6th and 7th of February 2009 and had representatives from all the original ARENA partners as well as number of organisations that will join the portal in this and later phases of the ARENA project.

The following files are now availalble to download:


Workshop Programme, King's Manor, February 2009 PDF 0.05 Mb
Workshop Participants, King's Manor, February 2009 PDF 0.05 Mb

PowerPoint files:

An Introduction to Web Services, Stuart Jeffrey PPT 7.5 Mb
ADS Update, Michael Charno, UK. PPT 1.4 Mb
DANS Update, Milco Wansleeben, Netherlands PPT 0.8 Mb
LaPa Update, Cesar Gonzalez-Perez, Spain. PPT 1.1 Mb
CIMEC Update, Irina Oberlander-Tarnoveanu, Romania. PPT 19.2 Mb

The JISC SOA Animation:

JISC SOA Animation (right click link to 'save as') WMV 25 Mb

Resources created by partners in the ARENA project.

Information on these resources can be found in the original ARENA pages .

DARIAH and ACE logos

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