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Issue 8: June 2015

Atlas of Rural Settlement in England

Urubici Rock Art Project

The Rural Settlement of Roman Britain

Northumberland HLC

The Origins of Nottingham

Northam Burrows HELS archaeological survey

Place Barton Farm, Devon, Magnetometer Survey

Bugle Horn Public House, Building Recording


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Issue 39. Critical Blogging in Archaeology

Introduction: Critical Blogging in Archaeology

Mapping the Structure of the Archaeological Web

Micro-blogging and Online Community

Vlog to Death: Project Eliseg's Video-Blogging

Online Resistance to Precarious Archaeological Labour

Bones, Bodies, and Blogs

Crime, Controversy and the Comments Section

From Blogs to Books

Blogging the Field School

Changing the Way Archaeologists Work

A Figurine and its Scale, a Scale and its Figurine

Guidelines for Authors

Data Papers

ADS and the Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology are pleased to announce that a new Guide to Good Practice on Dendrochronological Data in Archaeology will be available soon. The guide will provide good-practice guidance for the collection and archive of dendrochronological data in the context of archaeological and historical research....read more here.
Roman Rural Settlement Project Map
What is archaeology? An adventure? A pain in the neck? The appeal of the past? Up until 31 July 2015, all European citizens can answer the question and tell us about their idea of archaeology by entering a drawing, painting, photo or video Your Archaeologyin the European competition You(r) Archaeology. The competition is open to all citizens of the EU and includes a special section for children (0-12 years)....read more here.
LoCloud is launching an international competition focussing on local heritage and culture. The competition has two strands. My Local Heritage, which invites people to explore a favourite place or part of their local history through Europeana and to present their experience online in webpages, a blog or video, and My LoCloud Services, which invites developers, Internet Archaeology logo aggregators and individual cultural institutions to showcase their use of LoCloud services....read more here!
Critical Blogging in Archaeology
This special volume of Internet Archaeology collects the leading voices of blogging in archaeology to provide a critical examination of informal, online self-publication. This collection of articles is one result of over a decade of digital communication; the confluence of a conversation that grew from a few lonely voices to a tumultuous cacophony....read more here.
Tell us your ORCID iD!
Internet Archaeology logoADS and Internet Archaeology have been integrating ORCID iDs to archives and articles for a while now, and with over 1.3 million ORCID iDs issued we are sure some of our previous depositors and authors have now registered. By telling us your ORCID iD we can link to your ORCID record from our ADS archive pages and Internet Archaeology articles....read more here.

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