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  • ADS Collection: 1578

Palaeolithic 500,000 - 10,500 BC CAL

ALSF 3253 Lynford Quarry Norfolk Archaeological Unit, English Heritage, Northamptonshire Archaeology

ALSF 3322 Artefacts from the sea Wessex Archaeology

ALSF 3338 Stopes Palaeolithic Archive University of Southampton

ALSF 3361 Archaeological potential of secondary contexts University of Southampton

ALSF 3790 National Ice Age Network University of Birmingham

ALSF 3836 Medway Valley Palaeolithic Project University of Southampton

ALSF 3847 The Palaeolithic Rivers of Southwest Britain University of Reading and University of Exeter

ALSF 3876 Seabed Prehistory R2 Wessex Archaeology

ALSF 3952 National Ice Age Network Royal Holloway, University of London

ALSF 4600 Happisburgh/Pakefield exposures Wessex Archaeology

ALSF 4620 Valdoe Assessment Survey Matthew Pope

ALSF 5088 J J Wymer Archive Wessex Archaeology

ALSF 5285 Somerset Aggregates Lithics Assessment (SALSA) Somerset County Council Historic Environment Service

ALSF 5703 Kimbridge Farm Quarry, Dunbridge Wessex Archaeology

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