Historic Seascape Characterisation: Hastings to Purbeck and Adjacent Waters

SeaZone Solutions Limited, Maritime Archaeology Ltd, 2011

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SeaZone Solutions Limited, Maritime Archaeology Ltd (2011) Historic Seascape Characterisation: Hastings to Purbeck and Adjacent Waters [data-set]. York: Archaeology Data Service [distributor] https://doi.org/10.5284/1011847

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Project Report

Historic Seascape Characterisation (HSC). Hastings to Purbeck and Adjacent Waters. Section 1: Project Method Implementation.
Seazone Solutions Ltd 2011
PDF 2.4 Mb
Historic Seascape Characterisation (HSC). Hastings to Purbeck and Adjacent Waters. Section 2: Applications Review.
Seazone Solutions Ltd 2011
PDF 440 Kb
Historic Seascape Characterisation (HSC). Hastings to Purbeck and Adjacent Waters. Section 3: Character Type Text Descriptions.
Seazone Solutions Ltd 2011
PDF 16 Mb


Project Report

Project leaflet: Characterising Our Historic Seascape. Seazone Solutions Ltd 2011. PDF 1.1 Mb

National Text Descriptions

CoastalInfrastructure-FloodErosionDefence-National PDF 56 Kb
Communications-Telecommunications-National PDF 42 Kb
Communications-Transport-National PDF 57 Kb
CulturalTopography-CTIntertidal-National PDF 72 Kb
CulturalTopography-CTLandward-National PDF 73 Kb
CulturalTopography-CTMarine-National PDF 65 Kb
CulturalTopography-PalaeolandscapeComponent-National PDF 69 Kb
EnclosedLand-ReclaimedLand-National PDF 57 Kb
Fishing-Aquaculture-National PDF 53 Kb
Fishing-Fishing-National PDF 69 Kb
Industry-EnergyIndustry-National PDF 71 Kb
Industry-ExtractiveIndustry-National PDF 92 Kb
Industry-ProcessingIndustry-National PDF 66 Kb
Industry-ShippingIndustry-National PDF 57 Kb
Military-MilitaryDefenceFortification-National PDF 72 Kb
Military-MilitaryFacility-National PDF 55 Kb
Navigation-MaritimeSafety-National PDF 66 Kb
Navigation-NavigationFeature-National PDF 51 Kb
Navigation-NavigationHazard-National PDF 63 Kb
PortsDocks-PortsDocks-National PDF 69 Kb
Recreation-Recreation-National PDF 58 Kb
Settlement-Settlement-National PDF 54 Kb
UnimprovedGrazing-CoastalRoughGround-National PDF 48 Kb
Woodland-Woodland-National PDF 51 Kb

Regional Text Descriptions

CoastalInfrastructure-FloodErosionDefence-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 1 Mb
Communications-Telecommunications-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 106 Kb
Communications-Transport-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 1 Mb
CT-CTintertidal-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 1 Mb
CT-CTlandward-Regional-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 2 Mb
CT-CTmarine-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 160 Kb
CT-Palaeolandscape-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 1 Mb
Enclosed land-Reclaimed land-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 455 Kb
Fishing-Aquaculture-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 1 Mb
Fishing-Fishing-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 2 Mb
Industry-EnergyIndustry-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 855 Kb
Industry-ExtractiveIndustry-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 354 Kb
Industry-ProcessingIndustry-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 232 Kb
Industry-ShippingIndustry-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 1 Mb
Military-MilitaryDefences-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 2 Mb
Military-MilitaryFacility-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 1 Mb
Navigation-Maritimesafety-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 1 Mb
Navigation-Navigationactivity-SouthernEnglandRegional PDF 1 Mb
Navigation-Navigationfeature-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 957 Kb
Navigation-Navigationhazard-SouthernEnglandRegional PDF 1 Mb
PortsDocks-PortsDocks-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 1 Mb
Recreation-Recreation-SouthernEnglandRegional PDF 2 Mb
Settlement-Settlement-SouthernEnglandRegion PDF 2 Mb
UnimprovedGrazing-CoastalRoughGround-SouthernEnglandRegional PDF 1 Mb
Woodland-Woodland-SouthernEnglandRegional PDF 964 Kb