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The ADS Library brings together bibliographic records and e-prints for published and unpublished archaeological documents. It includes data from the following sources:

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OASIS is a data capture form through which archaeological and heritage practitioners can provide information about their investigations to local Historic Environment Records (HERs) and respective National Heritage Bodies in England and Scotland. OASIS also allows users to upload reports for public access via the ADS Library. Reports from OASIS are clearly marked in accompanying metadata, and also have the names of any organisations involved in the review process. Please note that in some areas of England review is by Historic England, and reports have not been checked by the relevant HER - in these cases a short note explains the levels of review.
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Digitised Journals and Monographs
Scanned or born digital versions of Journals and Monographs deposited with the ADS by the Publisher for long-term preservation and access.
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Internet Archaeology
The bibliographic records for all Internet Archaeology publications, with links to the online Open Access articles.
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Publisher Feeds
The ADS receives periodic updates of Bibliographic records from various publishers including British Archaeological Reports (BAR) and Oxbow. These appear in the Library catalogue as Bibliographic entries only, with links to publisher websites where appropriate.
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Grey Literature Scanning Projects
The ADS occasionally receive larger individual collections of unpublished reports (‘grey literature’) generated as part of rescue or backlog scanning projects. These are presented in the Library with their original project source cited, and links to more information about the project where available.
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Grey Literature from ADS Archives
Where grey literature has been deposited with the ADS as part of a larger project archive, the record for the document also appears in the Library. Such documents are normally anything identified with an author and publisher/organisation responsible so as to form the basis of a Bibliographic record. This includes specialist finds reports and theses, but does not expand to archival notes or context records. These records also have a link back to the original archive (via a DOI), allowing you to find more data from the same project.
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British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography
The British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography (BIAB) was originally compiled by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), containing over 150,000 references and abstracts from 1695 to the 21st century. In 2016 BIAB was deposited with the ADS, and its records added to the Library database.

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