M. W Pitts, ed., (2007). Brit Archaeol (1357-4442) 95. York: Council for British Archaeology.

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Brit Archaeol (1357-4442) 95
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British Archaeology
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Mike W Pitts
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Council for British Archaeology
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16 Jul 2007
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6 - 9
Short articles about archaeological news and events, including
evidence from human remains excavated at a dissenting burial ground at Hemingford Grey, St Ives, Cambridgeshire
on a decorated metal comb found near Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire, of probable first-century AD date
on radiocarbon dating of charcoal from the hillfort of Mither Tap, Aberdeenshire, which gives dates of between AD 340 and AD 780
Mike W Pitts
10 - 13
Article on what happened to archaeology under the Blair governments. The author identifies this period as the decade that archaeology in Britain came of age, when unprecedented amounts were spent on the past and initiatives such as the Treasure Act led to a new democratisation of Britain's heritage. The article pick out some of the great discoveries of the ten years from 1997 to 2007.
Mark Redknap
14 - 15
While preparing for an exhibition in Cardiff museum, the author noticed a remarkable similarity between a carved ivory panel in the collections and another in Liverpool museum. They turned out once to have been hinged together, making a complete diptych, showing the Virgin and child with saints Peter and Paul on one side, and Christ on the Cross with Mary and John on the other. The Cardiff piece is said to have been found at an old house in Llandaf before 1836; the original provenance of the Liverpool one is not known. A laser replica was made of the latter for the exhibition.
Shannon Marguerite Fraser
Thomas Addyman
22 - 27
Article on the eighteenth-century wilderness pleasure grounds, known as the Hermitage, laid out by John Murray at the Dunkeld Estate in Perthshire. The garden was later enlarged and then fell into decay, aggravated in 1869 when locals protesting a bridge toll blew up Ossian's Hall, the main architectural feature. The garden has been restored, and Ossian's Hall replaced. Amongst discoveries made during the restoration work were unique brick heating ovens and nineteenth-century and Polish Second World War graffiti.
Kate Waddington
Niall M Sharples
28 - 33
Article on the identification of a rare and still little-understood type of archaeological site dating from 1000--700BC, consisting of large amounts of artefacts and animal bone buried within a layer of blackened earth, sometimes so thick and extensive as to create a small hill. The authors report on the excavation of one such site at Whitchurch in the West Midlands, with evidence for smithing and unexpected quantities of bronze metalwork that includes miniature axeheads.
Sebastian Payne
Article describing the archaeological evidence provided by mites.
Thomas Woolhouse
42 - 43
Article on a burial found during excavations at Hilton, Cambridgeshire, of the disarticulated skeleton of a woman, radiocarbon dated to c. AD 700 and accompanied by a combination of pagan Saxon grave goods and Saxo-Norman pottery dating to the tenth to twelfth century.
Mike W Pitts
44 - 45
Articles on archaeology-related websites, including
Caroline R Wickham-Jones
on the presentation of landscape history online
Matthew Symonds
websites about Hadrian's Wall
Mick A Aston
46 - 48
Article on the landscape history and archaeology of the parish of Winscombe in the Mendip Hills in Somerset.
John Hammond
Opinion piece on problems arising from the way in which British archaeology is organised and funded, and the underlying legislation giving rise to these problems, with particular reference to the shortcomings of sites and monuments records.
Howard Mitchell
50 - 51
On the first British publication of a camera lucida drawing made at Stonehenge in 1865 by the great astronomer John Herschel.
Mike Heyworth
64 - 65
Article discussing the decline of archaeology as a secondary school and university subject, and its potential as a vocational qualification.
Billy Bragg
The singer-songwriter Billy Bragg gives a personal view of archaeology and its relevance to a more inclusive understanding of British identity.