L. J F Keppie, ed., (2000). Britannia 31. Malet Street: Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies.

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Britannia 31
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Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
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23 Feb 2001
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Ernest W Black
1 - 10
Considers the fourth-century writer Eutropius' mention of Sentius in relation to the Claudian invasion and considers what his role may have been.
8 - 9
Nicholas Hodgson
11 - 22
Considers what kind of frontier The Stanegate actually represents.
Sheppard S Frere
23 - 28
Hilary E M Cool
29 - 40
Considers motives for hoarding -- from safe-keeping to ritual -- in the context of the wider contemporary material culture, using the mid-second-century hoards from Snettisham (Norfolk), Backworth (Northumberland), and Castlethorpe (Buckinghamshire) as examples.
David Williams
Roberta Tomber
41 - 54
A paper concentrating on Egyptian amphorae made during the Roman and Byzantine periods but owing much to earlier Egyptian forms. Considers their distribution in the western provinces including sites in Britain. Examples have been recovered in Poundbury (Dorset) and York, and there are further specimens in the museum collections at Towcester (Nhants), Museum of London, and Devizes Museum (Wiltshire).
Vivien G Swan
Robert A Philpott
55 - 67
Second-century roofing tiles for Chester fortress manufactured by the civilian firm of Aulus Viducus.
Stephen J Rippon
69 - 200
Occupation at Banwell Moor, Kenn Moor and Puxton was investigated. There are specialist reports on the following:
Julie Jones
Nigel G Cameron
Paul Davies
Simon Dobinson
Chris Gleed-Owen
Simon K Haslett
Jen Heathcote
Anthony J Margetts
David N Smith
Heather Tinsley
Huw Williams
98 - 173
Jane R Timby
174 - 183
Norman Shiel
David Richards
183 - 184
Steven Allen
186 - 187
Steven Allen
J R L Allen
187 - 188
J R L Allen
Sarah C Bates
201 - 237
Work at the site of an enclosure situated in an area known to be a rich source of IA and RB metalwork finds. The enclosure consists of a 5ha rectangular ditch with an inner rampart. Within it are three wood-lined wells or shafts which were also excavated. The deepest of these contained at least fifty complete urns deposited in AD 50-90. There was no apparent pre-RB occupation and the site may be defensive or specifically ritual. There are notes on:
Alice Lyons
211 - 222
Sarah Percival
215 - 216
Catriona Turner-Walker
222 - 225
David Starley
Alice Lyons
Catherine Mortimer
John A Davies
226 - 230
Sarah C Bates
230 - 231
Trevor M Ashwin
Rowena M O Gale
231 - 233
Christopher Lowe
R Moloney
239 - 253
Excavations in 1998 confirmed that the construction of the outer camp predates the inner. Size and relationship to the Antonine Wall are also considered.
Vivien G Swan
244 - 248
Bruce Glendinning
Andrew J Dunwell
255 - 290
The damaging effects of rabbit infestation and tree-growth in an area of considerable archaeological importance prompted excavation.
David J Woolliscroft
258 - 264
Michael Cressey
265 - 267
Gordon D Thomas
Ann Clarke
Patricia Witts
291 - 324
Michael Kulikowski
325 - 345
Problems with the documentary sources for early fifth-century invasions and civil wars.
Robert Conquest
347 - 350
Sheppard S Frere
350 - 355
Michael G Fullford
356 - 358
Martin Henig
Paul Cannon
358 - 362
Leaded bronze sceptre head and other objects.
Martin Henig
Robert Cleary
Philip Purser
362 - 363
Oolitic limestone object, pierced in two places suggesting it was fixed to the wall of a shrine.
Julie Reynolds
363 - 365
David Sherlock
365 - 370
Barry C Burnham
Lawrence J F Keppie
A Simon Esmonde Cleary
M W C Hassall
R S O Tomlin
371 - 449
Sites explored and inscriptions.