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'joyce, S' A Ashpitel, Arthur A Ashridge, Arthur A Bailey, Keith A Barclay, A
A Boddington, Andy A Bodley, Alison A Bone, David A Bonner, Arthur A Bowtell, Anne
A Boyle, A A Bradford, C A Bradley, Richard A Brooks, Sally A Cameron, Andrea
A Cassell, W A Castle, Stephen A Cater, W A Causton, Ann A Clarke, Patrica
A Clarke, Patricia A Cox, Alan A Crow, Arthur A Douglas, Alistair A Douglas, Alistar
A Eccles, Audrey A F B B, A Flower, Cyril A Freeman, Emily A Galloway, James
A Gentry, Anne A Goodall, John A Green, Adrian A Hale, A A Hartshorne, Albert
A Haslam, Alexis A Heal, Ambrose A Heales, Alfred A Jenner, Anne A Laws, Alison
A Lees, Beatrice A Lerz, Antonietta A Mackinder, Anthony A Martin, William A Miles, Adrian
A Mullett, Michael A N Henderson, T A Noel-Hume, Audrey A Rowse, A A Rutland, Robert
A S Macalister, R A S Newton, Andrew A Saunders, Ann A Smith, Alex A Stephenson, Angus
A Telfer, Alison A Thorpe, W A Wardle, Angela A Webb, E A Weisskopf, Alison
A White, Alfred A Wood, Fredrick A Yelling, J A. Plummer, Aaby, Bent
Aagesen, Sonia Aalbersberg, Gerard Aalen, F H A Aalto, M M Aarents, M. Job
Aaris-Sørensen, Kim Aaronson, D Aaronson, J Aaronson, Sheldon Aase, Sigurd
Ab-H, Ababrelton, R Abadía, Oscar M Abbatt, D Abbey, Alan
Abbot, G W Abbot, P Abbot, R D Abbott, A Abbott, C
Abbott, Catherine Abbott, Daisy Abbott, Elsa A Abbott, G W Abbott, Kelly
Abbott, M Abbott, M B Abbott, Marcus Abbott, R D Abbott, T
Abbott, T F Abbott, W J L Abbs, Barbara Abby-Kalio, N J Abdelrehim, Ihab M

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