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Archaeology in the Severn Estuary is the main publication of the Severn Estuary Levels Research Committee (SELRC). It has been produced on an annual basis from 1990 to 2010 and then less frequently thereafter. The publication was intended as a way of rapidly bringing to publication the latest archaeological research being undertaken in the area. Both interim and final reports on research have been included.

The SELRC aimed to act as a focus to bring together research in the Severn Estuary including Universities, local government curatorial staff, contracting units, national heritage organisations and independent researchers. SELRC is run by a small number of volunteer officers and has a steering committee but no paid staff.


Archaeology of the Severn Estuary is the publication of the Severn Estuary Levels Research Committee. Papers in the publication cover archaeological and palaeoenvironmental topics for the Severn estuary and its adjoining coastal floodplains in England and Wales.

Topics included in the publication have included prehistoric wooden buildings and trackways, Romano-British, medieval and post-Medieval shipping, detailed palaeoenvironmental studies, wetland and subtidal geophysical survey, inter-tidal survey, wood and stone coastal fishing structures, river trade, ports and landing stages in the Roman and Medieval and post-medieval periods, mesolithic inter-tidal remains including human and animal footprints, coastal industries (eg. salt production), landscape characterisation, and much more.

The digital archive comprises pdfs of the individual papers that form the Archaeology of the Severn Estuary publication.

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Year of Publication (Start): 1990
Year of Publication (End): 2017
ISSN_L: 1354-7089
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